It’s time for another part of my stash tour! I’ve recently gotten rid of a lot of things so I managed to put all of my makeup in one Ikea Alex instead of two! I got rid of some concealers as well so what you’ll see today are things I actually use!

I keep my concealers along with my powders and foundations in one of the bottom drawers, but most of my concealers are on top in my acrylic drawers or floating around in handbags!

As you can see a lot of my concealers are running out, that’s because I use these everyday! I’m looking for a good zero waste concealer to buy once I finish all of these, maybe something in a glass jar or metal tin? Or a stick packed in cardboard, I’m not sure!

I have 4 concealers with doe foot applicators, Catrice Liquid Camouflage, MAC moisture cover, NARS Radiant Creamy concealer and the Naked Skin from Urban Decay. I wouldn’t repurchase the NARS or MAC today because they aren’t cruelty free.

Then I have a Boiing concealer from Benefit and the perfecting concealer from Stila.

I also have some correctors that I use in combination with my concealers as well as two brighteners and a primer.

I have two brighteners, the Ooh La Lift from Benefit and one from Catrice which is definitely a dupe and cruelty free! I also have this hydrating under eye primer from ELF.

The correctors I use often during the day are the green one from Catrice and the peach one from Urban Decay but I also have two from Make Up For Ever that are much more pigmented, I usually use these for photographs or when I go out at night.

That’s my concealer stash! It will be much smaller soon because a few products are running out and I’m not planning on repurchasing anything soon!

Thanks for reading!
Love, Christine

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