Hey babes! I got these Cetaphil products in the UK while traveling and because I’m almost done with my acne treatments, I have to be very careful what I use on my skin so my acne doesn’t return. My skin gets very dry when I get my skin treated; but I need to be careful not to clog my pores and these products work perfectly and they’re affordable.

Quick disclaimer. I do have to mention that Cetaphil isn’t completely cruelty free, they claim that they don’t test their finished product on animals but they are owned by a pharmaceutical company which means animal tasting is involved somewhere in the proces of making these products.

The two products I’m talking about are the moisturizing lotion and the gentle skin cleanser. I’ve been using both for quite a while now and I am definitely impressed. I use them both in the morning as well as at night and they work just fine for either. I can’t use many moisturizers because they irritate my skin so much, or when they don’t irritate or clog my pores, they just don’t hydrate enough. Cetaphil has long been a recommended product for acne skin because of its non-comedogenic quality as well as its affordable drug store price (Boots, UK).

The gentle skin cleanser is a soap-free and fragrance free cleanser which makes it great to use after a skin treatment because it will clean off any dirt or makeup without aggravating your skin any more. I tend to peel a lot after a treatment and this cleanses my face without drying it out even more.

I do have to say that compared to some of the other faces washes I am used to, this one doesn’t remove makeup as well because it foams less and is a little tackier on the skin. It evens feels a little heavy when you first use it but I got used to it pretty quickly. That’s why I prefer using this in the morning when there’s no makeup on my skin and it’s a little dehydrated from sleeping.

The moisturizing lotion is definitely a holy grail product. I only need about a pea size pump to moisturize my face and it’s easy to layer if you need more. It feels very thick at first but it immediately sinks into your skin. This way I can feel right away if I need another layer or not. At night I can be a little more royal or I can apply a little extra in the areas that need it.

I’ve also used this lotion on my body and my eye contours, it’s truly multifunctional and doesn’t irritate me anywhere at all. I’m a little sad that it isn’t completely cruelty free but I am hopeful that companies like Galderma will soon realize animal testing isn’t necessary. In the meantime I will not repurchase this and I will contact the company with an email because every little helps right?

I would still recommend this product to anyone that struggles to find a moisturizer when going through acne treatments because I know how tough it is and I do consider this to be a little bit of a treatment rather than a beauty product, which is why I still decided to blog about it. Caring for acne can be incredibly difficult so if anyone has any experiences with cruelty free products that are comparable, please feel free to share them in the comments!

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine

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  1. Honestly, I'm so fortunate with my semi-good skin! I'm glad to hear your acne treatment is doing good things for you!

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