Hey babes! Here with another stash tour for you, this time I’m showing you my contour and highlight palettes, these are all pretty recent additions to my stash because a few years ago I didn’t even know what contour was! I mostly have powders because I have quite greasy skin and cream isn’t my go to for day to day makeup. 
I keep my palettes in this little pink organizer from Hema, they fit perfectly! 
The brands I have are Nars, Sleek, Anastasia Beverly Hills, NYX and Freedom. I got the ABH palette secondhand and the Nars palette on sale, so I definitely haven’t spent a huge amount on these palettes! 

This contour kit by ABH is probably the most exciting one in my stash, I absolutely love experimenting with it and it almost seems as if the pans don’t get any emptier? You really don’t need much product at all.

My little Nars contour kit is perfect for my summer shade, during the winter it’s a little orange on me! It’s also perfect for travelling because it’s so compact and it has a mirror.

This cream kit from Sleek hasn’t been used yet, I still have to muster up the courage to try cream contour on myself, even though I’ve done it quite often on other people!

I also have this little kit from Sleek that is very similar to the Nars one, but the highlight is less pale and more pink and the contour colour is less orange, but a lot darker. I do manage to get away with it during the winter because you can use just the slightest bit of colour, it’s a very powdery product.

This kit from Nyx has the cutest packaging but I’m not completely convinced by the formula, it’s a little chalky but the colour is amazing and I can definitely make it work well enough. It’s also a very compact kit!

The last little kit is from freedom, this colour is almost perfect on me but the product is a little dry which isn’t always what I want. I’d prefer it if it were a little smoother to apply. But for the price point it’s at, it’s definitely a great product!

Those were all of my contour kits, if I had to pick one I’d probably pick the ABH one because it has all the different colours I use during the year or on different parts of my face, and the formula is quite smooth! What’s your favorite contour product? Tell me in the comments!

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine

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  1. Oooooh zo'n mooie stash! Ik ben trouwens wel benieuwd naar dat palette van Sleek dus doe gerust een review eens je het gaat proberen! 😀

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