Hey babes! I love exfoliating masks because it can have such a great effect on my skin. This Clarins gentle peeling mask has been in my stash quite long, but I hadn’t gotten around to using it yet. This mask smooths away impurities and makes your skin clean and radiant!

This mask is very special because you only leave it on for 1 minute and then afterwards you use sweeping motions to ‘remove’ the mask, this way you’re exfoliating mechanically on top of the ingredients of the mask, such as clay, which has a naturally purifying element. It also has soothing or moisturizing qualities which can make your face feel fresh and clean. If you feel like you’ve exfoliated enough, you rinse it off with water!

The mask is white (almost silver) and it’s quite thick and dry, this is why it works exfoliating when you sweep it around your face. If you use this, afterwards you really feel a difference, it feels extremely clean but also a little ‘tighter’, in a good way. The day after you use it you might also notice that some redness or impurities have gone away. I love using this when I feel a breakout coming on!

It’s definitely a very unique mask, it’s something I’ve never tried before and it actually works. I love that it’s quick to use, has an immediate result but also keeps on working after that! It is pricy though! I got this on sale but it’s sold for about 30 euros!

Have you ever tried a Clarins mask?

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine

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  1. Being a student doesn't really help with buying pricey products. I do use Lush masks and they are great!

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