Hey babes! This time, the stash tour is one of my absolute favorite products, blush! I’ll show you all of my matte and shimmer blushes, in single pans. I do have some blush palettes as well, some that I assembled myself, but I’ll save those for another part of my stash tour! I keep my blushes in this ikea organizer, next to my highlighters and bronzers. One row are the shimmer or satin ones, and the other row are all matte blushes.

I have quite a few shimmer blushes, even though I prefer wearing matte ones during the day. I have a MAC blush, a Too Faced one, Nars, W7, Hema, Colourpop, Milani, The Balm and Sleek. I prefer to wear these at night, or as a subtle blush topper. I’ve picked out three of my favorite ones as well.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Lust, this one contains quite a fair amount of glitter and it has a beautiful pigmentation that is not just 1 colour, I absolutely love wearing this as a blush and highlight combo when going out at night.

The Balm Hot Mama is by far my favorite shimmer blush, it lasts forever, doesn’t make my skin look too shiny or greasy at all and the colour is just right on my fair skintone, but it does look great on many other skin tones as well!

Colourpop Super Shock Cheek Birthday Suit is a satin blush, even though Colourpop brushes can be a hassle to apply, this colour and formula really suits me personally, it gives me a nice subtle and healthy glow, and it lasts very long as well. It doesn’t contain any obvious glitter, which makes it perfect to wear during the day as well.

I swatched them here, from left to right: MAC – The Balm – Colourpop 

The second category, matte blushes, are the biggest one. I have a crazy collection of matte blushes, and yes I do wear all of them every once in a while. I have blushes from NYX, Milani, Bobbi Brown, Bourjois, Maybelline, Givenchy, Hema, Essence, Colourpop and City Color. I couldn’t pick only 3 favorites, so I chose some more!

Milani, Awakening Rose has been a long time favorite of mine, I wear it all the time, and the rose pattern is still holding up, although the middle has faded. It’s the perfect healthy glow for during the day and it never looks too heavy on me.

City Color Be Matte Blush in Papaya is a very cheap, and quite large product that really surprised me. City Color Cosmetics produce some very high quality products at extremely low prices. And apparently they claim to be cruelty free as well.

Even with the discount I got, this Givenchy Le Prisme Blush in Vintage Pink is probably one of my most expensive blushes. During a trial makeup this was used on me and I fell completely in love. I love using the colours together or even separate sometimes. It applies so smoothly and looks beautiful on the skin. 

Essence Satin Touch Blush in Satin Coral is one of the newest additions to my blush family, it’s an amazingly pigmented coral colour that doesn’t look orange at all.

A little less vibrant than the Essence one but still a beautiful rosy peach, Bobbi Brown Blush in Pastel Peach, this one is a great subtle peach that will suit almost anyone.

From left to right: Milani – City Color – Givenchy – Essence – Bobbi Brown 

As you can see, I’m crazy about blushes! I do own a variety of brands from a big range of price points and I can honestly say they all measure up to each other, you definitely don’t need an expensive brand to find a great blush, I even think some of the cheaper ones are better!

What do you prefer, matte or shimmer blushes? Tell me in the comments!

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine

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