Hey babes! Today I’m reviewing a Korean beauty product, the Tony Moly Egg Pore Blackhead Steaming Balm. This is a balm with small exfoliating particles that also heats up and helps clean out your pores. I bought this product on Cult Beauty, which you can see in my haul post. I’ve also reviewed another Tony Moly product the Clear Skin Rice Face Mask Sheet, which I really liked! 

I love the design of this product, it’s so unique and you can reuse it once it’s empty, which won’t happen very soon because you don’t need much at all. I forgot to use this all the time but you get the best results if you use this twice a week, every week. 

The balm itself is very thick and sticky, it contains small exfoliation particles and smells a little like citrus. The packaging also has a lid, which isn’t pictured on the photo, but this way the balm doesn’t go everywhere when you store it. This is about how much I use to massage my chin and nose, you really don’t need more. You should massage it anywhere between 3-5 minutes, which can seem like a long time, but I just watch some videos while doing it.

Even after using it once, you immediately feel the heating effect and notice that the pores are a little cleaner and your skin feels a little fresher, the day after the result is also noticeable. I love using this around the time I get my period, to avoid clogged pores to become acne. I don’t have many big or noticeable blackheads anymore, but this definitely helps clean out any sebum filled pores as well. If you use this often enough, your skin definitely looks and feels cleaner and it helps prevent some acne

I recommend this to anyone that feels like some areas on their face are a little ‘dirtier‘ or greasier. If you have very large pores and easily get blackheads, this is a great product for you! I prefer this technique, which helps prevent new blackheads as well, over any technique that damages the skin! If you have very stubborn blackheads that don’t come out easily, this may be a good product to use before using a pore strip, but those never really worked for me!

Have you ever tried a heating product before? Tell me in the comments! 

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine

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