Hey babes! Another month another makeup stash tour for you! This time I show you my foundation primers! I recently cleared some old ones out so it felt like a great time to share these products with you. I have quite a lot of primers but not thát many so I can tell you a little bit about each one.

Stila Stay All Day 10-in-1

This is one of those primers I have a love hate relationship with, I love the fact that it gives you a little summer glow but I don’t think it does everything it promises to do and it’s a little sticky. I do however love the fact that it contains SPF because it gives a little less flashback when it’s in your primer instead of in your foundation, or I could top this with just powder when I don’t want to be too sweaty in the summer.

Naked Skin Urban Decay Illuminating Beauty Balm 

I featured this in my highlight stash tour as well, but since then I’ve moved it to my primer section because I haven’t been using it as a highlight. I can either use this as a primer on its own, mix it in with some foundation or apply it to certain points on my face, but because it contains SPF and it’s summer and prefer applying it to my whole face. 

Stila One Step Corrector

This is my go-to primer for daily use, it slightly corrects your complexion without layering too much product on your skin. It feels like nothing is on your skin.  It’s not very visible but it does help. I also love the packaging, the bottom scrapes any leftover product up, so nothing is wasted.

Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Foundation Primer 

I love using this primer at night, when I go out and use this with my Urban Decay setting spray, my makeup stays on all night, even though I sweat like crazy at a party. I first had the regular version but I prefer this Hydrating one because my skin has been dryer due to my acne treatment. This also feels like barely anything is on your skin.

Too Faced HangoverX

This is one of the newest additions to my primer family and I haven’t tested it a whole lot. It doesn’t contain silicone which is great when my acne is acting up because it can irritate sometimes. This primer feels like a moisturizer and it stays a little tacky for a few minutes and then sinks into your skin. It’s very light but I haven’t decided if it works better than the Smashbox primer.

BareMinerals Prime Time Oil Control

This was one of the first primers I ever bought, I should probably toss it out but it doesn’t break me out and it still looks and feels fine. It’s really helps control any oil so it’s great when you’re going to be on camera or in ugly lighting all day. It does feel kind of drying and a little tacky but it’s not too annoying.

Laura Mercier Blemish-less Foundation Primer 

This is a sample I got but I would love a full size, it’s literally feels like a silk veil on your face, it makes applying foundation amazingly easy and makes it look flawless. I love it a lot and it even helps your makeup last longer, although the Smashbox seems to work a little better for that. It also doesn’t feel too heavy or silicone like so it doesn’t clog pores.

Erborian Pink Perfect Creme
This is also a little sample I’ve been experimenting with, a little goes a long way and it makes your skin look a lot more flawless, but it doesn’t go well with every foundation and I have to use a beautyblender because if you rub, the layer of primer comes off. It definitely sits on your skin but it does fill in pores. 

What primers do you like to use? Tell me in the comments! 

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine

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