Hey babes! Here with another Face Off post, I was going through my eyeshadow palettes and noticed some similarities between the Lorac Mega Pro 3 and the Freedom Makeup London Pro Artist Pad in Black Arts. They’re both quite big, they have sturdy packaging with a mirror and include a lot of creamy shimmers but also some matte colours, it’s not a dupe so the colours aren’t the same but it has a similar feel and a few very similar colours.

Lorac Mega Pro 3 retails for 60 USD, but getting it to Belgium includes quite a lot of other costs such as shipping, taxes and even something like Shipito to be able to order it. This palette includes mostly nude colours but also some rosy, romantic shades as well as some more silver and blue shades which makes it a great daily palette that gives you a lot of options to create an evening look as well.

The layout of this palette is really great, the matte shades are on the top two rows and the shimmer shades on the bottom. It goes from light to dark as well which makes it very easy to use. I also love the fact that matte and shimmers aren’t mixed together so you don’t get confused.

Every colour has a name as well, so you can remember easily which shades are your favorite ones. 
The Freedom palette is a lot cheaper, it costs about 10-20 euros depending on where you find it. The packaging actually feels quite luxurious for a budget brand. You also get a lot more colours which is very typical for Freedom to do. 

They layout of the colours is similar to Lorac, light on the left, darker to the right. But the few matte shades that are included in this palette are a little mixed in with the other, although the palette is mostly shimmers and glitters. The glitters are quite chunky as well.

As you can see the mattes, shimmers and glitters are mixed. As an extra point, I think Freedom London is cruelty free!

Comparing the two palettes together, the biggest difference is obviously the price and availability in Europe. Lorac is a cult brand that knows they can ask a lot of money but the quality is noticeably better than Freedom. I’m not saying Freedom is a bad brand because it’s definitely not, but not all colours are the same quality. Every shade in the Lorac palette is creamy and the colours are all very rich and shimmer beautifully. The matte shades have a little fallout and need to be built up but that’s not a bad thing. The stay of the Lorac colours is also a little better but there can be a little fallout.

I think this Freedom palette in particular is great, not all palettes are. But for the price you pay you get some amazing shades. The Lorac palette is amazing, but as always with brands like this, I wonder if they couldn’t be made the exact same way for a lower price? I’m definitely in love with this Lorac Mega Pro 3 palette and it kind of reminds me of the Zoeva eyeshadows, but they have way less colours in one palette of course.

Which palette would you buy now that you’ve read my review? 

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine

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