Hey babes! Here with another brand checked out, this time it’s Nars! You’ve seen this brand in one of my hauls and last year I bought some more products that had been on my wishlist for ages. I purchased these products on the French Sephora website and Net A Porter, Sephora is a little more expensive but they have a set price and Net A Porter prices seem to vary due to exchange rates. 

Nars is one of those cult brands that made me wonder if the price is worth it, the packaging
is beautiful and the colours looked amazing, if you’re curious too, check out my review below! 

Blush Deep Throat €33,95

This blush was on of the biggest cult blushes a few years ago, I once swatched it in store and didn’t buy it, I immediately regretted it when I got home. 

After trying it on my cheeks I was so happy I got it, it really brightens my complexion and it can be built up or applied lightly. The texture feels very silky even though it has some shimmer. It’s a perfect spring and summer blush and I love how long it lasts on my skin as well. Even on your hand it feels soft and blendable

Contour Olympia €40

The colours of this contour kit are perfect for me and it blends well but I feel like compared to the blush it’s very chalky and almost too dry. It doesn’t last as long as the blush but because it’s so matte it is perfect for oilier skin, it stays put and doesn’t glide at all. I do recommend using a fluffier brush to apply this to avoid streaks or too much pigmentation.

Anita Audacious Lipstick €32,5

The packaging of these lipsticks is so heavy and luxurious, it definitely adds to the price. 
The lipstick itself is a beautiful colour that applies smoothly and stays on pretty long for a regular lipstick, it’s comparable to MAC matte lipsticks in longevity but much more creamy without being too shiny. It’s a great lipstick but still overpriced in my opinion, probably because of the packaging and print on the bullet itself as well.

Lip Cover in Overheated €30

This was a limited edition formula that is very rich and a little shiny and has a lot of colour compared to a gloss but it doesn’t dry flat like a regular liquid lipstick. They transfer to anything so they’re not as long lasting but they are very very pigmented and feel very nice and light on your lips. They are quite long lasting for a wet product. It’s basically a regular lipstick in a tube.

Velvet Lip Glide in Unspeakable €27,5

I think this is actually less velvet than Overheated, it’s more glossy and sticky but it covers less. It’s a little streaky but still very pigmented. Because it’s so sticky it lasts longer and transfers less. But the texture isn’t as velvety and soft. 

After trying all of these products I really like the brand Nars but it’s expensive. They have great textures and colours and they all blend great and stay long for those kinds of textures, but brands like NYX and Sleek make very similar products and cost way less. The powder products can often be too glittery or chalky so watch out for that. 

They know what they’re doing but sadly at a very high price point, they definitely want to be a little luxurious. Not every product is amazing and above 30 euros I kind of expect everything to be the same quality. 

Have you tried any Nars products? Tell me in the comments!

Thanks for reading!
Xoxo Christine

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  1. Zo'n mooie producten! Ik heb alleen de klassiekers nog maar geprobeerd, zoals Laguna en Orgasm. Ook echte toppers! 😀

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