Hey babes! I went to the UK again last month and as you might know from my previous UK hauls, I always go crazy there, stocking up on beauty products and shopping at some of my favorite stores, today I’m sharing the clothes and accessories I bought with you! The red top featured in some of these posts is from Forever 21 and isn’t part of the haul! 
One store that I have to go to if I get the opportunity is TK Maxx, they always have great brands and awesome items at very affordable prices! If you have time to look through everything, you’ll definitely find some amazing things. This first skirt I picked up if from a brand called Patrons Of Peace, it looks like a wrap skirt but it has an elastic band. I absolutely love the flower pattern! 

I also picked up this skirt from the same brand, I love the buttons that go all the way down, it’s also the perfect length for me and I can’t wait to wear it this summer!

I was on a mission to find some jeans because the last few months I’ve had to throw out at least 3 pairs of jeans because they were worn down and getting too big for me because I’ve lost some weight. I managed to find 3 pairs! These ripped and stained ones from Kancan LA are super skinny and I love the pattern of the rips.

This pair is more basic which I definitely needed, I don’t have many good pairs of regular jeans left! They’re from Wrangler which can be a pricy brand so it’s great to find them at TK Maxx for a more affordable price.

And the last pair of jeans I found at TK Maxx is one that zips in the back, I love this look and I’ve been looking for something affordable like this for ages (compared to the expensive ones from Acne for example!), it’s from Noisy May which I have another pair of, that I bought on Zalando.

I also picked out this flowy dress from the brand Mandi, and I absolutely adore it, I’ll definitely wear this on holiday this summer when we eat out because I just love how extravagant it is while still being classic. 
The detailing on the bottom is so cute as well, with a strip of pink lace! 

I also picked out some great basic, relaxed items from Tesco, I think it’s crazy that convenience stores have so many great clothes in the UK! I picked up these loose flower trousers, which are great to wear to work if I combine them right.

Then I got these jogging/yoga pants, which are seriously the most comfortable pants ever, besides the ones I got in Valencia. I have a little bit of an obsession with loungewear because I usually don’t want to wear my jeans or dresses when I come home!

These pants are the same model but a different fabric, these will be great on holiday when it gets a little colder at night, I just love the tropical print!

I also found this dress on sale, I love little basic dresses like this to combine with a jeans jacket and sneakers on a lazy day.

Lastly from Tesco, I picked up these cute sunglasses! I now wear prescription sunglasses but I needed some cheaper ones that I could just throw in my bag when I don’t need my prescriptions glasses! 

I quickly went to H&M because I needed some basic jackets and I know they always have awesome ones. I picked out this light grey vest, it’s so soft!

And then I also picked out this simple hoodie, because my hoodies are usually in the laundry all the time because I wear them to the gym, oops!

I also found this amazing tote bag on sale, my mom actually got the same one as well because we both loved it so much! It’s great to fit in binders or books because it’s basically A4 paper size! 
Since losing weight I’ve also lost a cup size and I wanted to invest in some cute bralettes, H&M actually has an amazing collection of bralettes right now, I was very impressed! I got this matching bralette and panty set, in a tan colour, I love the detailing! 
And then I also got two sets of bralettes, two lace and two regular ones. These are super comfortable and so cute! 
These socks came in a pack and I’ve been looking for cheap ones like this for a while, I love wearing long socks in low sneakers and these are perfect! 
And the last thing from H&M are these tennis shoes, usually I can’t buy shoes there but these were a half size bigger on the label and they fit me perfectly so I was super happy to find these! 

Then at Debenhams I found this super cute backpack, which is very sturdy and I hadn’t been able to find an affordable backpack that didn’t slouch!

Also at Debenhams I got this cute handbag on sale! Isn’t the little lock so cute! 

I went to Topshop looking for bikini’s and I also found this amazing hologram watermelon phone case, perfect timing because I had just busted my old case and the replacement I bought was super ugly and felt too cheap! This one is great! It’s by a brand called Skinny Dip. 

I picked out two bikini sets, Topshop is great because they sell bikini tops and bottoms separately, which I definitely need with my small boobs and big butt! This first one has a sponge texture and cute crossed detailing, the coral color makes me look a little tan already!

And to stick with the orange/colour theme, I picked up this zig zag bikini with blue straps that cross in the back!

Hope you enjoyed seeing my summer picks from the UK, have you bought any new swimwear yet? 

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine

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  1. That Mandi dress looks sooooo good on you! You already know I really like your cute phonecase. And I think we'll have to go swimming together in the summer, those bikinis look amazing!

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