Hey babes! Here I am with another stash tour post! Last time I showed you my liquid lipstick collection and now I’m showing you my highlighters! If I’ve swatched any of these products in a previous blogpost I’ll link to it!

I keep my highlighters in a drawer divider from Ikea, along with my bronzers, blushes and contour products. Everything fits in this one compartment which is great! I have some highlighters in palettes along with contour powders but I’ll show those in a separate post about contour palettes!

I’ll show you my liquid products first, I don’t use liquid often because I can get a little oily due to acne but I do like to experiment with these because the effect can be amazing!

* MAC – Strobing Cream
* W7 Night Glow
* Benefit – High Beam
* Urban Decay Naked Skin – Illuminating Beauty Balm
* Jelly Pong Pong – Glow Getter

I have some trouble getting the W7 to work for me, whereas the Highbeam by Benefit is such a easy and beautiful product. I love the MAC strobing cream has a highlight but also to mix in with foundation. I think it’s much better than the Naked skin, but that does have SPF.

I have mostly powder products so I split these up, I’ll show you my lower budget powders first:

* Essence – Merry Berry (swatch)
* Catrice – Golden Grace
* HEMA – Highlight Powder (swatch)
* Colourpop Lunch Money & Spoon (swatch)
* Essence Eyeshadow – Raindrops On Roses

I think colourpop has some of the best quality highlighters on the low budget market so definitely check those out, but Essence and Catrice really know how to make a subtle glow as well! I also have an Essence eyeshadow in here because I love to use it as a highlight!

And then the powders are more expensive:

* MAC – Lightscapade
* Becca – Champagne Pop (swatch)
* The Balm – Mary-Lou Manizer
* The Balm – The Manizer Sisters
* Urban Decay – Sin (swatch)
* Stila – Kitten (Duo Compact)

I have both the single Mary-Lou Manizer as well as the Manizer sister palette, which I do regret, I recommend getting the Manizer palette because it lasts really long and you get a blush and bronzer shade in there if you’re pale like me! The Stila Duo is something similar, it also has a bronze shade!

I’ve swatched some of my favorite highlighters for you. I always think they’re all so similar but now that I’ve swatched them next to each other I can really notice the differences!

From left to right: Sin (Urban Decay) – Mary- Lou Manizer (The Balm) – Champagne Pop (Becca) – Lunch Money (Colourpop) – Golden Grace (Catrice)

Hope you enjoyed this part of my stash tour, let me know in the comments what you want to see next!

What’s your favorite highlighter? 

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine

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