Hey babes! I love getting my brows done because colouring and waxing them really makes them stand out, and they frame my face. But between appointments I hate filling in my eyebrows because it can quickly look very unnatural and I’m all about making my brows look like they’re naturally full. So when I saw Wunderbrow in some online videos I was really curious to see if I could create a natural look with them.

The Wunderbrow is a semi permanent product for your brows, it can stay on anywhere between 1-3 days and you can remove it with an oil cleanser if you want. I love the idea of only doing my brows every other day, so of course I’m all for it!

It’s very easy to use, there’s only 3 steps. The first step is starting out with clean, makeup free brows. The second step is where you apply the product with the brush tip, they recommend filling in your brows where hairs might be missing, and following the direction of the hairs. The last step is using the brush to comb out the wet product and make it look even more natural, this also spreads the product through all of your brow hairs.

I do have to say, with my beauty routine, this doesn’t stay on for 3 days at all. When I shower it fades a little bit, and when I wash my face with an oil free cleanser it fades a little as well. Which is to be expected of course, but if I want I can use this after showering, and then the next day I can just use a tinted gel to touch up before I go. If I want to remove it earlier, I can use the Wundercleanse!

I absolutely adore how easy this product is, it gives me the perfect colour and fill and I can go for a more natural look or, by lining my brow a little sharper, I can have a more ‘drawn’ eyebrow, which I like for going out. Here you can see my before and after of my brow routine. Because I get them waxed every month, I only tweeze a few stray hairs and don’t shape them.

I’ve recently read some bad reviews about the Wunderbrow, so I was very sceptical, but I ended up loving it so maybe this product just isn’t for everyone? Let me know what you think in the comments!

Thanks for reading!
Xoxo Christine

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