Hey babes! The weather has been so nice lately I could not resist to do a lookbook with the awesome denim skirt I got in Valencia. I’ve also coloured my hair and I wasn’t sure if I could combine it with red but I tried it anyway and I think it works! 

This outfit was perfect on a hot day with a lot of wind! I could take of the jacket if it got too hot but it kept my skirt and top from catching wind!

You saw this Mango skirt in my Valencia haul and I absolutely love it. I never thought I’d wear something with a red flower print but these flowers are just so delicate and pretty. I also love the fact that it’s longer in the back because that really suits my figure best.

I paired this outfit with my Teva sandals, which some people might find nerdy but I love wearing sandals like this, and when combined well I think they’re very stylish! They’re also super comfortable which is such a difficult thing with sandals.. 

The sunglasses I’m wearing are prescription glasses from Dick Moby which is a sustainable eyewear brand, I love the fact that my glasses are eco friendly!

I got this top from Forever 21 in two colours and it’s a faux suede fabric but because it’s a crop top it’s quite light for summer! I also love wearing this in the winter on high wasted jeans.

I love that I’m confident enough to wear an outfit like this now, 2 years ago a short skirt and a little belly would have scared me off.

I’m more than ready for summer to start, so expect more lookbooks! 
Thanks for reading! 
xoxo Christine 

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