Hey babes! I’ve started working out with a personal trainer and because I’ve been seeing results, I’ve felt even more motivated. But I had some difficulty keeping up with laundry because I go to the gym 3 times a week but I don’t do laundry very often, (because I might have way too many clothes, oops!). I also don’t have the time to wash my gym clothes separately every week, so I decided it was time to invest in some new outfits! At the end of the post I also show you how I organize my gym clothes now, because I needed a new spot in my room!

I went to TK Maxx and the Nike Outlet store where I scored some great deals, but I also found something at Tesco! Check out what I got! I’ve really tried to pick out items that I can combine into different outfits and I think I succeeded.

From TK Maxx I got some Calvin Klein socks that were priced even cheaper than Nike or Adidas socks and they are super soft!

These Skechers leggings really caught my eye, I love the floral print and I think I’ll even wear these to yoga class because the pattern feels so calming! 
After I picked the leggings I noticed this top that matches the leggings really well, it’s a very loose fit and a light fabric which I love.
It has a split in the back, so cute! 
From Tesco I just picked up this bright pink sports bra, I already have one of these and it’s so comfortable! It has no cups which I prefer for yoga practice but it still supports very well.

 The biggest part of my haul is from the Nike outlet in Ashford (UK). It’s a pretty great outlet store, the Nike Factory store in Belgium usually doesn’t have as many nice items.

I picked up these grey Nike print leggings with mesh all over the legs. These will be great in summer when the gym gets hot and I can use that extra ventilation.

I love Nike Pro leggings because the detailing is so pretty and the fabric is durable!

This is a detail of the mesh, I also really like the cute little Nike Logo!

The second pair of leggings I bought are these really crazy printed ones, they just make me so happy and energetic by looking at them! 
They also have the little Nike logo towards the bottom of the leg. The print is an almost pixel art like geometric pattern. I think it’s so unique! 

I also picked out two Dri-Fit tops, this model is my favorite from Nike, it fits my body type perfectly and doesn’t stick to your skin too much. This fabric is great for working out indoors where it can get very sweaty, real fast.

I got one pink printed one and a blue colour blocked one.

I also got this regular Dri-Fit shirt with no sleeves, it falls very loosely which I sometimes prefer, I don’t always like wearing tight fit clothing and this colour really matches two of the leggings I got.

The last thing I got at Nike are two sports bras witch mesh racerbacks. Who doesn’t love a little ventilation for their back sweat right? These are great for girls with smaller boobs like me, very tight but still comfortable.

This type of back is new for me but I really enjoy it.

Nike always gets me with their little details

Since buying some outfits from Jogha and Rad and now this haul, I’m pretty much set for a few years but I definitely needed a new way to organize my gym clothes, I was always hurrying to find an outfit in the morning and I kept forgetting about items because I lost them in my drawers, so I decided to put 4 baskets underneath my bed, every basket has a category: leggings, tops, bra’s & socks and the last one has shorts and shoes. This way I just need to pick my items from each basket to get my outfit!

Do you workout? And if you do, where do you like buying your active wear? Tell me in the comments! 

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine

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  1. I don't really work out anymore, but I still do yoga very often, so when I went shopping, I quickly took a look at the sales in the sports shop and I got a sports bra that fitted me so well for only 4 euro, I HAD to buy it!

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