Hey babes! In my Cult Beauty Haul I got a huge gift bag, I still haven’t gotten around to testing every product I got in that bag, I just tried this Tony Moly face mask and I wanted to share it with you!

This Clear Skin mask by Tonymoly is a rice fask mask, it’s supposed to make your skin look clear and radiant. You put this on for 20-30 minutes and then massage the leftover product in your skin.

The face mask itself is very wet, but not too wet, it doesn’t drip on you so you can put it on and watch tv while it’s working . I did have a feeling that it’s a very long mask, it covered my upper lip and almost left my chin uncovered. During the 30 minutes I left it on, it started slipping a little and I had to smooth it over my face again.

After removing the mask I massaged the leftover product in my skin, it went very quickly and it felt refreshing and soft. I didn’t like the way it made my skin feel afterwards though, it was a little too sticky for me. But I left it on for a few hours before cleansing and moisturizing my face and going to bed.

Even though I didn’t leave it on overnight, I noticed my skin was very smooth and I looked refreshed the morning after. This is definitely a fun treat for yourself with a nice result as well. I can image it working even better if you leave the leftover product for longer; I just don’t enjoy a sticky product at all!

I think Tonymoly has a lot to offer and I’m very curious to try more products!

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Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine

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  1. I've used sheetmasks before but it never did anything for me, I probably just didn't use the right ones, this post made me excited to try some others. Damn now I really want one, since I'm sitting in the sofa doing nothing. :3

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