Hello babes! Since I moved into my apartment, I upgraded my vanity and makeup storage and I finally have a good way to organize everything! That’s why I decided to share a part of my stash every month with you, and I’m starting with something I bet a lot of you are interested in: liquid lipsticks!

I keep my liquid lipsticks in these Ikea plant pots, and I keep a few small ones in a square organizer from a set from Hema. My regular lipsticks are in the same drawer but I’ll talk about them in a later post! 

I organized my liquid lipsticks by brand and similarity. I have one pot with Colourpop lipsticks, where I keep my Colourpop Lippies as well. In one pot I have the liquid lipsticks that stay the longest and are quite drying. Then another pot with liquids that are still very good but don’t stay as long. The small Hema container is for the liquid lipsticks that aren’t matte or don’t stay on as long.

In the small Hema container I have Sleek, NYX, Sephora, W7 and Bourjois liquids.

I love the Sleek Matte Me colours in Birthday Suit and Party Pink but they don’t stay long at all so I don’t wear them often!

These Sephora liquids aren’t really matte, but the texture is nice to wear casually during the day. These are the colours Infinite Rose and Pink Souffle and I swatched them in this post.
I have four soft matte lip creams from NYX, I love the texture of these and the colours are amazing! The colours are Ibiza, Amsterdam,  Antwerp and Abu Dhabi. 
I’m not the biggest fan of the colours of these next three liquids but they’re great to throw on quickly or combine with other colours. Two W7 Mega Matte lips in Oddball and Chippy and a Essence lipstick in the colour Peach Party

In this Ikea pot I keep a few different brands, mostly liquids that are a great mix between long lasting and not too drying.

I have one OCC Lip Tar in the colour Fleshworld, one Makeup Monsters lipstick in Hit The Dirt and two from Gerard Cosmetics in the colours Ruby Slipper and Iced Mocha
These two Jouer Long Wear Lip creams in Melon and Praline.

Two LA Splash liquids in Latte Confession and Guadalupe. And two Milani Metallic colours in Chromatic Addict and Materialistic. 

I’ve swatched all of my Colourpop lipsticks in these two posts: Haul 1 & Haul 2.

And the last Ikea pot contains the liquids that hold the longest. The Balm, Ofra and Stila!

I have a bunch of Ofra liquids in the colours: Times Square, Atlantis, Mocha, Mina, Americano and Santa Ana. 

These two Stila liquids in the colours Patina and Aria.

I have four The Balm liquids, these last the longest on me without bleeding or crumbling! Committed, Adoring, Charming and Sentimental.


I didn’t swatch every lipstick because the post would be huge, but I swatched some of my favorite ones! If you’re curious to see how these liquids stay I used these swatches to test out the La Splash Vanishing Potion!

From left to right: The Balm: Committed – Ofra: Mocha – Colourpop: Are and Be – Jouer: Melon – Gerard Cosmetics: Ruby Slipper – NYX: Abu Dhabi – La Splash: Guadalupe

What are your favorite liquid lipsticks? 

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine

0 Replies to “Stash Tour Part 1: Liquid Lipsticks

  1. I know you have A LOT of beauty products but I get stunned every single time, SO MANY LIQUID LIPSTICKS GIMMMMEEEE! :3

  2. Ik heb zelf niet zoveel liquid lipsticks. Ik heb er een aantal die ik erg prettig vind en gebruik, maar toch vind ik mijn normale lipsticks prettiger omdat ze langer blijven zitten en mooier vervagen. Liquid Lipsticks zijn wel een stuk feller en hebben zo'n suรจde finish, dat is eigenlijk de enige reden waarom ik ze draag.

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