Hey babes! Today I want to talk about the LA Splash Vanishing Potion No. 33 ‘Dose of Rose’. This is a waterproof makeup remover, but I bought it specifically to remove liquid lipsticks. It also softens and soothes your skin or lips after using it!

I ordered this online because I have a few liquid lipsticks that can be a little difficult to remove with micellar water or regular makeup remover wipes. I don’t like using my Bodyshop Chamomile oil on my lips because if any gets in your mouth the taste and texture are horrible.

I use this vanishing potion specifically for removing a liquid lipstick or a waterproof eyeliner because this bottle is very small and it’s not designed to be used as an everyday, full face makeup remover. 
I was intrigued by this product because this scent is called Dose of Rose, and it definitely lives up to its description! It’s a lovely rose scent that is quite strong but it doesn’t irritate my skin at all and if you accidentally taste a little it isn’t awful! 

I also love the packaging and design of this! LA Splash always has beautiful designs and I love displaying this product on my vanity!

The way I use this is I either apply a few drops on a cotton pad and massage the makeup I want to remove or I apply some drops directly on my skin or lips and massage with my hands. Afterwards I wash my face and hands with facial cleanser as usual and the liquid lipstick is removed without hurting my lips!

Here I tested out what 1 drop per swatch does when swiping over it with a cotton pad.

As you can see one drop already has a huge effect, it even completely wiped away the NYX soft matte lip cream. The Matte Colourpop and the Gerard Cosmetics lipsticks were the most difficult to remove but when I used 3 drops as instructed they also were quite easy to remove.

I did have to clean up my arm with a makeup wipe though but that might’ve been because I was covered in swatches 😉

For €12,90 this is truly a great product for removing waterproof makeup if you want a little luxury when taking of your makeup! I also really like the fact that this is tiny because I can take it with me when traveling or visiting friends without having to bring a huge bottle of oil! 
Have you ever had trouble with waterproof makeup? What do you use to remove it? 
Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine 

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