Hey babes! I bought these two W7 lip topcoats on Beauty & Bobs because I was very curious to see if they work or not! The Lip Jacket is a lipstick sealer and the Lip Legend is a top coat that will make your lipstick matte! The Lip Jacket costs €3,99 and the Lip Legend costs €5,49. 

The first one I tried out is the Lip Jacket, this lipstick sealer is a liquid that you apply with an applicator that is similar to a nail polish applicator. The first thing I noticed right away when I applied this is the scent! It smells very chemical and strong, almost like white spirit or nail polish remover. It also tingles on your lips for a few minutes!

It almost turned my lipstick into a liquid lipstick, very dry and the fine lines in my lips were accentuated. It did keep my lipstick on at least twice as long as usual! The downside of this is that it’s also a little harder to re apply because it’s so dry on your lips. 

The Lip Legend is supposed to make your lipstick matte! It looks very similar to a lipbalm or lip primer. You apply this over a shiny lipstick after blotting with a tissue.

I’m not a big fan of this top coat because a lot of your lipstick ends up on the top coat which makes it messy. It does work but it’s not very impressive. This doesn’t give you the liquid lipstick effect which can be a positive and a negative point. This makes your lipstick similar to a regular matte lipstick, it looks natural and it doesn’t accentuate any fine lines.

The swatch on the left is the lipstick with a layer of the top coat. You can clearly see a difference! 
All things considered I’m actually quite impressed to see how good these cheap W7 products work! 

Have you tried lip topcoats before? 

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine

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  1. I'm all for matte lips, so maybe I should try the lip legend, seems to do the job quite well, thanks for testing them out!

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