Hey babes! I’ve been testing out the L’oreal & Rowenta Steampod and I wanted to share my thoughts with you! I purchased the products for fine hair along with it. The biggest reason for buying this was that it can get great results at 140°C and my current flat iron works best at 160-170°C and the lower the better. I have coloured, very fine hair so I want to avoid using heat as much as possible, but my natural waves rarely fall like I want them to, I usually end up with frizzy, messed up hair.

The Steampod combines steam and pro-keratin technology to make your hair smooth and straight, the plates are moveable and are anodized which means they have a protective layer to protect your hair. It doesn’t dry your hair out and the combs spread out your hair evenly, just be sure you don’t have knots because they can get stuck behind the comb! 

You can adjust the temperature on the inside, it can range from 140°C to 210°C. 

This is the reservoir for the water, at first I struggled with all of the wires and where to put everything but I just had to try a few times before I got the hang of it. The reservoir has suction cups on the bottom so it doesn’t fall of the table or counter. You definitely have to use distilled water because the steam plugs can easily be affected and clogged. 

The products are affordable and definitely work, they are €18,36 each on the L’Oreal website but you can find them cheaper on hairdresser websites. The serum is the same for every hair type but this smoothing milk is for fine hair, there’s one for regular hair as well.

I apply a little of this smoothing milk on towel dry hair and then I comb it out before blow drying and using the steampod. This helps a lot with making my hair soft enough to pass through the combs and making it very soft afterwards as well.

I use 2 drops of this serum after using the steampod to keep my ends from drying out, it gives my hair a lot of shine as well! 
This is my hair before straightening:

This is my hair after using the steampod, you can keep some volume by pulling your hair up a little while straightening or if you want it very straight you can just pull down, I have very thin hair so I don’t want to lose too much volume!

I definitely love how quickly you get results with this product, especially because the temperature is so low, the products do weigh down my hair a little but you don’t need a lot of product, less is more. This is a perfect product for people with thicker and longer hair but even I love it. The only things I don’t like about it is that I don’t have a good place to store it and that you need distilled water.

Do you straighten your hair? What tools do you use? 

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine

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