Hey babes! Often I find myself buying two very similar products, sometimes dupes or sometimes in the same price category. I thought it would be fun to share a ‘face-off’ with you every once in a while where I compare two similar beauty products to each other! I decided to start off with facial cleansing (and radiance) pads! The two products I’ll be comparing are the ‘in transit, no traces’ pads by Thisworks and the ‘Facial Radiance’ Pads by First Aid Beauty.

Since the First Aid Beauty pads are the first ones I bought let’s start off with them.

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads:
* Exfoliate, tone & brighten
* Alcohol-free
* Safe for sensitive skin
* €22,40 for 60 pads
* Can be used daily, or twice a day

These pads definitely work exfoliating, their texture is quite defined and they are a little abbrasive but they don’t make your skin red or dry! I love using these when I  come home from work, after removing my makeup, because I prefer washing my face before going to bed, but I want my face to feel clean, I don’t feel the need to moisturize with a cream but I do use a facial spray afterwards. It makes my skin feel clean and fresh without irritating. It really gets the daily dirt off your face and gives you a nice glow

Thisworks in transit, no traces pads:
* Infused with rosewater and water mint 
* Brightens, moisturizes and calms skin 
* €16,90 for 60 pads
* Maintains pH balance
* Contains reparative plant oils 
* Can be used daily or twice a day 

These pads do clean your skin very well but they don’t really exfoliate, I love using these in the morning if I don’t want to start my skincare routine yet but my skin feels a little greasy from my night cream. They are very soft and not very wet. They moisturize and I don’t need any moisturizer at all after using these, if I just use them when I stay at home they are perfect. My skin feels soft and looks good after using these!

I love both of these products but the biggest difference is that the Thisworks pads are more moisturizing and less exfoliating. I prefer using them in the morning or on weekends. The First Aid Beauty pads really clean your skin more deeply and I love using them to remove the last of my makeup. If both of these sound good to you, the Thisworks pads are cheaper

Hope you liked this kind of ‘Face-off’ post! Which one of these would you prefer? 

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine

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  1. Pads zijn echt heerlijk, zo makkelijk en snel! Ik zou waarschijnlijk voor die van Thisworks kiezen, ik exfolieer toch liefst met een apart product 😀

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