Hey babes! I thought I’d share another brand with you, this time I picked out Hema to review, I already had some items laying around but I recently purchased some cheek products and I was really excited to try them out, keep reading to find out more about Hema! 

I already owned 4 lipsticks and an eyeshadow and I purchased the 3 blushes and the highlighter a while ago. The eyeshadow is something I picked up when I was shopping at Hema and I was looking for a good base eyeshadow colour, this turned out to be too shimmery and sheer but it’s a beautiful highlight, especially for your inner corner and browbone!

I purchased these 4 cheek products together, 2 satin blushes, 1 wet and dry blush and 1 highlighter. The highlighter has such a beautiful design and pattern, I had to have it! I was intrigued to see what the wet and dry blush was because it looked like an ordinary baked blush at first. 
The satin blushes are very bright and pigmented, you don’t need a lot.  I was surprised to see how brown one blush turned out and the other was extremely bright. These cost €4,75, there are a lot of colours but I would suggest purchasing these in stores because the colour can look different online and even different in the pan! 
This wet & dry blush costs €5,50, it’s amazingly pigmented even when used dry, when used wet the shimmer is even more intense. This is almost a blush and highlight hybrid. It will be beautiful on tanned skin in the summer! 

The highlight is so beautiful to look at but it’s a little disappointing, it’s mostly chunky glitter which I don’t like with my greasy skin! This was €7 so I wouldn’t recommend buying this because there are better highlights for the same price!

I have two kinds of Hema lipsticks, the Moisturizing lipsticks costs €3,50 and the Volumising lipstick costs €4,25. Both really affordable! They both have a satin finish but the moisturizing lipstick actually moisturises your lips like the name implies. The moisturizing lipsticks come in a bunch of shades, the volumising ones not as many but they do have some beautiful colours!

The volumising lipstick is a little patchier because it’s a little sticky, but this way the gloss gives you the ‘volume look’. I enjoy these lipsticks to test out colours I’m curious about, or to have a lipstick that I can leave in my bag for when I want to quickly put on lipstick during the day. These don’t have the best wear time but for the price they are definitely ok!

Hema is a great budget brand but I definitely recommend swatching everything in the store because the colour stickers and pictures aren’t very accurate! You can definitely find some amazing colours for great prices!

Which brand would you like me to check out next? 

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine

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  1. I also use hema lipstick as a in-the-bag lipstick, to put on quickly when I feel like it. And the wet & dry blush is sooo pretty!

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