Hey babes! During the online sales on Zalando I went a little crazy and bought a lot, but I’m really happy with everything I purchased and it all fits like a glove! Check out what I chose:

The first thing I picked out are these Nike Pro leggings, usually I think they are a little too expensive but with the sale price I decided to finally get some. I love the dark blue with the light salmon print! 
I also picked out a pair of jeans by Noisy May and they are the first jeans ever that fit absolutely amazing on me! They are skinny jeans with a little bit of stretch and sit on my hips just perfectly. 

This scarf from Topshop is huge and so soft, I’m in love with it, it’s bordeaux and dark blue which fits a lot of my clothing! This is the perfect scarf for these icy cold days.

Another item from Noisy May, a super soft khaki green sweater with a v neck that sits on my shoulders. It’s a very loose fit but it still has a nice silhouette; it doesn’t look too baggy.

I picked out another sweater, this one from Topshop, it’s ribbed and grey, with a hint of green, it’s a little cropped but not too much and it has a soft fluffy texture on the inside, which makes it super warm! 

I needed a cap for this summer because I get burnt easily when I walk around in the sun too much, I picked out this cute navy blue one that says ‘merci’, it’s also from Topshop.

I picked out some jewelry, the bracelet is from Orelia and super thin and fragile, I love pieces like this. The necklace is from Aldo and is very long, the crystal is a beautiful pale pink.

These two items from Michael Kors had a great price as well, I picked the blue cardholder for my parking badge and work badge and the taupe wallet for when I carry a small purse on holiday because my usual wallet is huge! 

I fell in love with the print of these sneakers from Even&Odd! The flower print will be perfect this spring!

I’ve wanted to buy Hunter boots since forever and finally did it, I picked out these navy ankle booties, they will be perfect on holiday when we go to the woods or the beach for walks!

I hope you liked my haul! I know I love all of the items I got!

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine

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