Hey babes! I bought these Boozyshop Artistry oval brushes and wanted to share them with you! These are a dupe for the Artis brushes, these are obviously much less expensive which is why I really wanted to try them out. These brushes are lightweight and feel quite cheap but the hairs feel very soft and qualitative. This set contains 10 brushes, most are multi functional and you can use them any way you like.  I decided to tell you how I use these brushes.

The two smallest round brushes: 

* Circular 1 has a rounded surface, which gives a more flawless finish, you can use this for lip productseyeshadow and concealer

* Circular 2 has a flat surface, perfect for applying lip productseyeshadow and concealer as well, for eyeshadow it’s good to apply colour all over your lid but not as much for blending

Four narrow oval brushes with rounded surfaces: 

* Kylix S can be used to apply eyeshadoweyebrow products, or eyeliner, this is perfect for creating a smoky eye but I don’t think I could apply a fine liquid eyeliner with this brush

* Kylix M is great for concealereyebrow products and eyeshadow, it’s very narrow so it’s great to get concealer around your eyebrow or to finish your eye makeup.

* Kylix L is still very narrow but a little bigger, you can use this for precision contour like contouring your nose or applying concealer, you can even apply a cheek colour with this brush if you use the wide side.

* Kylix XS is much more oval,  I don’t really understand why they called it ‘XS’ because it’s bigger but this brush can be used to fill in the lips with a lip colour or apply concealer.

Four bigger and dense oval brushes: 

* Elypse S can be used for precision contour  or even apply foundation in smaller areas, it’s still small enough for eye makeup as well but it wouldn’t be very precise.

* Elypse M can also be used for foundation and concealer but it’s perfect for contour and blush. This size is also great for powders like bronzer or setting powder underneath the eyes.

* Elypse L is great for applying foundation all over your face, you can also use this to blend powder products like blush and bronzer on your cheeks.

* Elypse XL is the biggest brush so this is the best one for full face foundation application and setting with powder.

These brushes apply very evenly and without streaking, they do suck up a lot of product. I don’t like them for blending eye makeup, I prefer fluffier brushes for blending. For foundation and liquid contouring & highlight these brushes are perfect! I think you can experiment endlessly with these so they are definitely an awesome purchase!

I still have the old cardboard box and handles but they have been recently updated with a classier, more sleek design. I got them on sale, they usually cost €99,95 but they are on sale again right now for €39,95. 

Have you ever tried a dupe for the Artis brushes, did you like them? 

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine 

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