Hello babes! Another month another Birchbox, I tried all of the products, keep reading to see what I thought about them.

Before the box arrived I got to pick which IBY Beauty makeup brush I would get and I chose a blush brush but now that I see it in real life it is so tiny! I would maybe apply highlighter with this but I don’t think my blush would look very blended if I apply it with this brush. The hairs also feel quite cheap.

I’ve received Kneipp shower gels before and I always like the formula but the scent is almost always too strong, this Morning Kiss scent is very gentle though! I really enjoy it and it doesn’t dry out my skin which is important! I don’t like the packaging though, a foam is nice but you have a very heavy can that doesn’t contain that much product..

This Inca Oil Filler Mask is something I’ve never tried before, you have to coat your hair and then wrap it in plastic like a shower cap or clingfoil, it warms up a little bit and when you wash it out your hair feels amazing and really soft! It didn’t make my hair greasier but it fell down straighter than usual.

This Thermaliv hydrating night cream really does what it promises to do. I like using this on my neck, nose and other dry parts of my face to moisturise them again. It doesn’t feel heavy or sticky and in the morning my skin was noticeably softer and more hydrated. 

This Avène face mask was perfect to hydrate my skin after a few acne treatment sessions. My skin was very flaky and dry and this really moisturized without my skin feeling greasy or clogged.  It’s definitely good for sensitive skin, I had no bad reaction to it and it was very mild.

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine

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  1. I really like kneipps products, but I want to pay for the packaging too, if I have to buys something somewhat luxurious, it just isn't my cup of tea.

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