Hey babes! I was watching some youtube videos and came across a video talking about Sourced Box, which is a monthly vegan snack box! I’m lactose intolerant so vegan snacks really sounded great to me and I decided to order a box and show you what’s inside!

The box is shipped from the UK, and costs about 25 Euros depending on the exchange rate and the kind of plan you get.

You get a little note in the box with some information about the content.

Here are all the snacks in one box:

Soffle’s Pitta chips which are basically tiny little crackers.

Roasted Soya by Clearspring which is a little spicy.

A flapjack bar by The Living Food Kitchen which was very good!

Some basic raw vegan vegetable crackers.

These were some flavored nuts by The Tigernut company.

I love super food powders and this one by The Good Guru is very versatile!

These were cute little Tea Biscuits that were super yummy!

This is a organic protein bar, I never like these kinds of bars especially with a cacao flavor..

I love love love this Wild Trail bar and I’m so sad that no Belgian stores sell this!

This Virtue lemon & lime water is a really fresh and tasty energy water.

These The Giving Tree Strawberry crisps were basically just dries strawberries, not really my favorite but you could crush these over some oatmeal or a dessert.

Usually a box will contain some sweet snacks, some savory ones and a drink, I’ve tried a few boxes so far and I really like trying random snacks every month, even though I don’t always like all of them! I think I’ll try a few more boxes until I get bored of it but so far I really like the variety and the surprise every month! The only thing I don’t like that most of these brands don’t sell their product in Belgium so if I really like something I usually can’t buy it here so keep that in mind! 
Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine 

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