Hey babes, I wanted to try something different today! People have asked me to do try-on hauls when I posted a clothing haul before but I wasn’t very comfortable showing myself, but I figured I want this blog to be like a fashion and beauty diary of my life, showing you real opinions and my real body without photoshopping anything. So I wanted to give this a shot! 
Forever 21 is doing a huge sale on the european website so of course I had to check it out! My grand total was 80,60 euros but I’m returning 3 items that didn’t fit me at all so (hopefully) I’ll be getting 21,97 euros back soon. 
The first thing that caught my eye was this cropped, black knitted jumper, I’ll probably wear this with high waisted jeans or skirts! This sweater was reduced to €4,99!

I got two pairs of thick, printed leggings, both were only €5,99!

I needed some fitted tank tops to wear underneath shirts and sweaters so I picked up two for €3,99 each. The material of these is actually super soft!

I also picked out this comfy cardigan for €9,99, it did have a little hole in the sleeve but I really loved it and it was barely noticeable so I’ll just sow it instead of returning it.

I also got this very long, charcoal blazer for €7,70, it fits very well and I’ll probably pair this with something casual like a dress with all stars or some booties and high waisted jeans.

I wasn’t too sure about this dress because I’ve gained a little weight due to stress lately and I didn’t like my curves but I decided to keep it and try styling it to my liking because it was only €7,99 and I loved the material!

Then I got some accesoires as well, this long necklace with a beautiful white jewel for €4.

And a 4 pack of these fake helix rings also for €4!

I don’t really have a good place at my parents’ house to shoot these kinds of pictures but when I move out I’ll be able to make better ones! Hope you liked this kind of post where I just show you the clothes I bought like a would show one of my friends 😉 

Thanks for reading! 
xoxo Christine 

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