Hey babes! A while ago I bought these Sephora Sheet Masks and I’ve finally tested both out!

The first one I tried is this Nourishing & Balancing Honey Mask, it made my skin very soft and really gave me that extra boost of moisture I needed. My skin was feeling irritated and dehydrated and this really helped me out.

The second mask is this Perfecting & Brightening Pearl Mask which felt a lot fresher on my face than the honey one. This was perfect after a night out on a hot day when my skin needed some freshness. My skin looked very fresh and bright after using this mask.

You leave these on for 15 minutes and then you can massage what is left into your skin. It’s very easy to massage in but it feels kind of tacky for a while. I don’t use any other skincare products after this until it’s completely dry and my skin feels soft. Afterwards I just skip toning and moisturize. I feel like my skin wasn’t as greasy as it usually is after using these sheet masks.

Everyone that saw me wearing these masks thought these looked ridiculous and I felt kind of weird as well sitting around, looking like a serial killer haha! 
I don’t think I’ll buy many more sheet masks because I prefer to use a tube that I can use multiple times instead of buying just one mask. But maybe I’ll buy some every once in awhile to treat myself! 
Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine 

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