Hey babes! A while ago I placed an order on sephora.fr because there was a sale on the Sephora brand as well as a -20% discount! 
I bought a lot of Sephora products because I noticed new products and a few years ago Sephora didn’t have that money products and now there are a lot of interesting and unique products. 
The first thing it this Sephora Renew & Peel Super Serum. This serum contains Glycolic Acid and is supposed to help with dark spots, pores and evenness. I needed a new night serum and I haven’t found a day serum I liked to help with hyperpigmentation yet, I’m curious to see if this will help. 

The new Sephora item I  got is this Instant Refreshing Toner for face & eyes with Ginseng extract. So far the only toner I really enjoy is the Lush Tea Tree Toner, but I prefer using a different one in the morning and at night. This is a huge bottle and it’s very affordable so I hope I’ll like this. 
The next Sephora product is this Ultimate Warming Cleanser with Maple Sap, this opens up your pores so I think this will be ideal to cleanse my skin before applying a face mask, which I’ve been doing a lot more often lately. Hopefully this will help the masks work even better. 
This next Sephora product is a Ultra Nourishing Shower Cream intrigued me because I already have a NIVEA after sun shower cream that I really enjoy and this one can also be used on your face. 
I also got this Sephora Express Body Scrub & Mask, which can be used everyday. I really enjoy using scrubs in the shower and I love masks so I’ll probably enjoy this product a lot. After a few minutes in the shower my pores will be opened and I’ve had a lot of dryness lately so a scrub will be great. 
The next thing is this Sephora Sugar Body Scrub with Cane Sugar, I’ve noticed a lot of products contain microbeads so I was excited to see this sugar based scrub. I’ve been really good with scrubbing every week so I wanted to get a big jar. 
That’s all the Sephora products I bought, the next two items are Make Up For Ever, the first thing is this empty makeup palette. My Z palette is full and I wanted something small so I can switch out my loose eyeshadows from my Z palette; to create a palette to use everyday, that I can switch up easily.

I also got this Instant Brush Cleanser from Make Up For Ever. I start my Makeup Designory course in October and I’ll buy a big bottle of makeup cleanser then so I bought a little spray bottle for now.  
The next two products I got are from NARS. I finally caved and bought an Audacious Lipstick. I bought the colour Anita

The packaging is quite heavy and metal, it’s sleek and I absolutely love it, it feels very luxurious.

I also love the detail in this bullet, NARS is engraved in the bullet.

The next NARS product I bought is this Contour & Blush compact duo in Olympia. The ‘blush’ colour is more a highlight, I don’t really know why it’s called a blush. I wanted to buy a contour colour and this was interesting because you also get a highlight.

I love NARS packaging, this also has a mirror and it feels heavy but it’s sleek and thin so easy to store or bring along when travelling.

I bought this Too Faced HangoverX Replenishing Face Primer because KathleenLights always raves about this on youtube, this is apparently a great primer and it doesn’t have silicones! I use Smashbox right now which is oil free but it still contains silicones and because I have acne and I get dry spots lately, I wanted to try this. 

The last product I got is this Speed Brow by Benefit, I used a friends speed brow I while ago and since I get my brows tinted and waxed regularly, I really don’t need to spend a lot of time on my brows, so this product is perfect. It gives a little tint and shapes my eyebrows.

 That’s it, do you have any of these products and do you like them?

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine

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  1. I've never thought about serums before this blogpost. I think I would be really into it. My face is already quite okay, but it can always be better. And ohh, the NARS packaging <3. Too bad I'm too poor for all these products.

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