April’s Birchbox was such a pretty box! A collaboration with Pantone, I got the pick the colour and of course I picked the pink one! Check out below what I thought of the products!

This HIP Cocon Shampoo makes my hair very soft but I feel like it doesn’t do a very good job of controlling my frizz without weighing my hair down. I get a lot of knots when using this shampoo. It’s very foamy but I definitely have to use a good conditioner or my hair will be one big tangle and I rarely ever brush my hair after the shower. I also don’t really like the scent of this.

This CC Body Cream by Whish is a really hydrating cream with the tiniest golden glitters throughout. It doesn’t feel like you’re actually spreading glitter on your skin and it looks very shiny. I don’t recommend using this on your entire body because it might get on your clothes.

It washes off very easily and it smells amazing. I think I would use this on my legs when I’m wearing a short skirt. As for the bronzing part, it’s very lightly golden coloured, not dark at all so it’s not anything like a self tanner lotion.

This La Rosée Facial Scrub reminds me of clearasil gel with pearls, it’s a face wash gel with tiny beads, but these don’t pop because they are meant to exfoliate but I don’t think this exfoliates very well. I could use this every day as a regular face wash. As a face wash though, it’s very fresh and my skin felt great after using it!

This Arnaud Makeup Cleansing Oil works really well! You massage it in and then add water to make it foam, it removes eye makeup very well. The scent is nice as well but I feel like I prefer my Body Shop oil cleanser a little better.

This Brown Sumita Eyeliner is very creamy, I don’t like it to line above my eyes because it smudges a little, it’s alright for tightlining but it doesn’t last that long. The colour is nice though because it’s not to red which I like for tightlining because red makes your eyes look bloodshot.

I also ordered some products using the Shop in Box service Birchbox provides, if you buy products in their shop they get delivered together with your monthly box to avoid additional shipping costs!

I picked up the full size version of the Ciaté Knight in Shining Armour which is a night treatment for your nails; I swear by this product, I LOVE it! It’s perfect to keep my nails strong in between polishes.

I also bought the Skindinavia Makeup Fixing spray (should I do a setting spray post?).

I also picked up the Naobay Moisturizing Peeling which intrigued me so much that I had to buy it and the Unani Aloe Vera gel which will be great for summer to keep my skin feeling fresh and moisturized!

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine

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