Hello babes! The last part of my UK haul! These are all clothes and random things I bought, check out what I got!

When we were in Ashford we went to the outlet shopping centre and there was an entire Yankee Candle store! I didn’t have much time so I picked out a subtle scent with a big glass I could use as a brush holder when it’s empty. I got the World Journeys Egyptian Cotton scent. 

I found this next item at Primark and I am IN LOVE! I love beauty bags this size and I love emojis so I had to get this!

I also picked up some cotton pads for only 50p because I needed some and for their prices these are actually great.

I picked up some makeup wedges for a pound in the factory store we went to.

I bought this nail brush for 1 pound to add to my manicure routine, I haven’t used anything like this for years because I always keep my nails short but lately I’ve been growing them longer so I could really use this. 

I also found this pitcher which was only 3 pounds I think! I want to make more lemonade and ice tea this summer so this will be perfect.

I finally caved and bought this Starbucks tumbler and I love it! I drink from cups all the time so I’ll definitely use this a lot. 

At The Works outlet I found these notebooks for 1 & 2 pounds because I want to start keeping lists in notebooks instead of my phone and these are perfect to keep in my purse.

I found this super cute little hand warmer shaped like a hot water bottle!

At Primark I also bought some fluffy socks, some sport socks and also tights because I needed some!
I found these adorable matching bunny socks! I always love buying cute socks and I already have a huge collection haha! 

At the Ashford Outlet we visited the Nike store and I finally found new sneakers in my size and I bought these two pairs and shorts for about 50 pounds!

The rest of the clothes I bought are from Primark, I bought this super long and thin scarf, this will be perfect for spring. 

I wanted to pick up some more professional clothes because I start working full time in July. The first thing I found is this super cute navy blue polka dot blouse!

I also bought these flowy navy trousers for summer because I can’t really wear jeans shorts to work and I still want something light.

I love this velvet stretchy knee-length skirt which is so pretty! I can combine this with so many different things!

Then I found this very lightweight khaki shirt dress which will be great for summer as well!

And I finally found a long dress that fits me properly, usually they are a bit too short or don’t fit me right but this one is lovely and very flowy.

Would you like to see a lookbook for work outfits, tell me in the comments!

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine

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