Hey babes! Another Birchbox review for you 😉 This one had a lot of products!

This first product is a Cherry Blossom hand cream by L’Occitane and I expected to like the scent because it’s sweet but not too strong, which I did but I also really enjoyed the texture of this. It’s very light and definitely a great moisturizer and it does sink into your skin very quickly! I’m not sure if I would buy a full size of this because I prefer hand creams with intense moisture and a very subtle scent.

The next products are this Hydro shampoo and conditioner by Beaver, I’ve received Beaver products before and I didn’t really like them but this time I really enjoyed this combo. My hair feels very light and soft and definitely not dry at all. It doesn’t really impress me so much that I’d buy a full size but I’m happy to use up this sample and it has restored my impression of this brand!

This Comforting Scrub Mask by Doux Me does what is says it will do, this really comforts the skin and provides some moisturize while exfoliating the skin. I’ve used this after a hot shower and it was perfect to exfoliate without really harassing my skin too much because it can be tender after a shower. I prefer the Balance Me Radiance Mask to this one but I definitely liked it!

This box also contained some of these no crease hair ties by Birchbox and I use these to make a bun because my hair is so thin that these don’t really work for ponytails for me. I wouldn’t use these outside the house because my hair is usually down and if I wear it up I use brown hair ties.

This Beauty Cream by Beauty Protector feels amazing on the skin! I really liked its thick but spreadable texture and also the scent, it’s not too overpowering but very lovely. I like that it’s thick enough to be a hand cream but also spreads easily on your legs if you use it after a shower.

This Jelly Pong Pong pencil is a great natural looking highlight for those that want a more natural look. This glides on very easily and blends well but I think this would be best on another skin type. My skin is quite greasy and if I use this after applying foundation and I try to blend it I have to be careful not to push around my foundation underneath.

I looked into this CoachClub website but they don’t seem to have an English or Dutch version and my French isn’t that good so I didn’t look into it any more.

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine

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