Hey babes! I’ve been testing out Caudalie products for months now and I’m finally ready to share my reviews with you! I have to say I was a little bit hesitant to buy these products at first because they can be quite ‘pricy’ but I haven’t been disappointed much. I also got a few of these products on sale or in beauty boxes, I definitely recommend waiting for a sale on these. My local pharmacy did a -20% Caudalie sale!

I bought three of these Caudalie masks because my skin is quite greasy and acne prone but I do get dehydrated skin every once in a while. I’ve tried all of these quite often now and I have to say that they do really work and I think they are worth their money, especially compared to GlamGlow which is very expensive and actually broke me out twice.

The Purifying Mask is a great mask to use during the week when your skin needs a little pick me up, the morning after my skin feels much smoother and fresher. Immediately after you feel like all of the dirt has been removed from your face without it feeling harsh or dry.

The Instant Detox Mask is quite similar to the white GlamGlow one because you can see your pores when it’s drying but I have to say this one works way better for my skin. The GlamGlow has broken me out before and this mask cleans out my pores better. It’ doesn’t get rid of any blackheads and it doesn’t make your pores smaller but it cleans out the superficial guck in your pores and if you use this often in combination with a exfoliant I’m pretty sure your pores will be cleaner and maybe also smaller, I’m pretty bad at being consistent with my masks though haha!

This Moisturizing mask is great if your skin if feeling a bit dull and dehydrated, you could leave it on overnight but it’s too greasy for me personally to do that. It’s great after a good scrub or a long shower and my skin feels super nourished afterwards. If you want a ‘dupe’ for this mask though, the Nivea Honey Mask is very similar and comes in packs of 2. I think this mask is great for skin that gets dehydrated during the winter.

Here are the masks from top to bottom: Purifying – Instant Detox – Moisturizing.

The next product I tried is this scrub which I have been loving lately! It has a very thick consistency so it doesn’t slip between your fingers in the shower but once it’s wet it’s very milky and easy to use. It leaves my skin super soft and not irritated at all but I haven’t noticed much of the ‘contouring regimen’, I haven’t really payed attention to that either. Any body butter or lotion will glide on smoothly after I use this! 
The way the product was distributed in the packaging was so beautiful I almost didn’t want to ruin it!

The last full size product I tried is this facial spray and I love it! It’s super fresh and I love using it after the shower or on a hot day to freshen up. This is similar to Mac Fix+ or the Unani facial mist but it’s an aerosol can so the mist is very light and spread out over your entire face. I have to say though that this has the typical Caudalie scent which is (like the perfume) unique and not for everyone.

I got this perfume in a beauty box and I like using this after the gym because it’s very fresh but it’s not exactly the scent I look for in a perfume. I have the impression that the scent doesn’t linger very long either but I rarely notice my own perfume. This isn’t a typical perfume smell, it’s not sweet or deep or floral, it’s more of a citrus scent.

This oil I also got in a beauty box, it’s amazing to use on dry patches of skin or on your dry ends but I haven’t used this on my face yet because I’m always hesitant to use oils on my face, some work amazingly well others break me out. I probably won’t repurchase a full size of this though because I don’t use it very often.

I must say Caudalie has stolen my heart and I will definitely try more products in the future! 

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine

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