Hello babes! November’s Deauty box was a heavy one! Check out what I thought about the products below!

  • The Library of Fragrance by Demeter – Jasmine Cologne Spray
I was so intrigued by this brand because they sell very simple scents that you can combine which I just love! And I actually really like Jasmine as a scent, I always pick up candles or lotions with this scent. I really like this but I don’t really use this scent on its own, it might be fun to buy a set and experiment with some scent blending! This would be great to put in my gym bag, it’s just a splash of a nice scent without being very overpowering in the locker room. 

  • T. LeClerc – Mascara Bloom Effect 
I’m keeping this mascara packaged because I have sooo many opened ones that I want to use up first, I’ll definitely post about this on facebook when I try this out eventually! 

  • Body&Bess –  Facial Scrub
This is a really harsh scrub, I still have some zits/acne so this is not for me right now but I can probably use this during summer when my skin needs some extra scrubbing. It does smell really nice and it’s easy to use (and it’s pink yay!).  I used it once and my face was very soft so it does work very well. 
  • Vita Verde – Corn Flower Water Cotton Pads
I’ve used cotton pads from this brand before and I love them! This is just a different scent with a different natural extract. These are supposed to be relieving for your skin, but I don’t really have much puffiness or anything so I don’t notice much of a difference but they are very nice and fresh on the skin. I love to bring these when I stay at a friend’s house for example. 
  • Oral-B – 3D White Luxe Whitening Accelerator 

I haven’t tested this out at all because I’ve been having some issues with my teeth because of my sinuses but I’ll test this out soon and keep you updated! I’m really hoping this will work.

My box also contained a small Talika oil sample which isn’t featured on the website for some reason, but this is just a beauty oil. There isn’t much of it to try out but it’s nourishing. 
Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine

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