Hello babes! This month’s design was so cute! The products were a little mix and match of opinions!

  • Huygens – Le Shampoing Volume 

This shampoo barely foams at all which is new for me and you need quite a lot of product to get your hair clean but my hair was so beautifully wavy and soft after using this!! I’m pretty sure this is sulfate and silicone free and also organic so I might look into their products to buy myself a full size shampoo.

  • Birchbox

I’m not too big of a fan of this product, but I have never tried a Tangle Teezer either so I can’t compare the two. It works well and I don’t use too much hair, but to be honest I only brush my hair before going to bed and I use a big brush for that. When I get out of the shower I leave my hair natural and I don’t even comb it through so it stays wavy.

  • Kneipp – Mint & Eucalyptus Show Gel

I cannot use this showergel, it’s sooooo fresh that it actually gave me (and my brother and mom who tried it as well) a headache. If you are into very strong scents this might be for you but I don’t really recommend this. The shower gel itself was fine, I still prefer milk or even oil but it gets you clean.

  • So Susan
Yet another full size mascara that I won’t be using just yet. I have so many opened mascara’s it’s crazy. I’ll let you know what I think about this on facebook some day! 

  • Erborian

I’m not sure if I like this primer or not, my makeup clinged to my dry spots a little more and it didn’t feel as nice after a day of wearing it as my smashbox primer so I don’t think I’ll ever buy the full size of this. It does spread nicely and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. I didn’t notice a smoothing effect at all to be honest.

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine

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