Hello babes! I was ordering some things on Beautybay for black friday and I noticed this brand which I have never tried before. I decided to buy the Laura Gellar So Scrumptious makeup set (in ‘Fair’) to test out some products. 
The set comes in this box which I’m not keeping because it’s quite cheap plastic and cardboard. It does have a little face chart on the inside which is cute and can be very helpful for some people. 
I was super excited to try all of these products out because I haven’t heard any of my friends talk about this brand so I had no idea what to expect.

The box contained these products:

  • Spackle Under Make-Up Primer ‘Champagne’
  • Balance-n-Brighten in ‘Fair’
  • Blush-n-Brighten in ‘Roseberry’
  • Baked Eye Pie Shadow in ‘Coffee Berry Crunch’
  • Color Drenched Lip Gloss in ‘French Pressed Rose’
  • Double-Ended Face & Highlighter Brush

    I’ll talk about the Spackle Primer first because this seemed like a very unique tinted primer. Here is what it’s supposed to do: 
    • Enhances the complexion with a subtle glow
    • Restores radiance and luminosity to your complexion
    • Nourishing, protecting and smoothing effects 
    • Revives and retextures the surface of the skin creates a smoother surface 
    I primer seems to contain glitters and to be honest it makes me feel and look a little greasy, I used it underneath a regular foundation and I also tried it with the powder from the kit. It does work well as a regular primer, my makeup stayed put, I still prefer other primers better but this one was fine. 
    It’s quite heavy which isn’t great for greasy skin, this might be good for other skin types. I didn’t notice much of the radiance besides the glitter. It did make my skin smoother. It does contain nice products (according to the description) such as white tea and aloe vera and it doesn’t irritate my skin which was surprising. 
    I don’t think I’ll keep using this product to be honest. 
    This powder is pretty cool, it’s very buildable which I really like, I’m not completely sure if this colour is okay for me but it’s doable. It’s infused with a bunch of things like white tea and antioxidants. It’s free from mineral oil and parabens which is amazing! 
    This could be a great product for someone with great skin that just wants a little coverage, color correcting or blotting. I used the foundation brush that came with the kit, it felt very cheap but worked well enough, I won’t be using it again though, it’s too small for my taste.

      The baked eyeshadows can be used wet or dry and are infused with jojoba oil and vitamin E. The colours aren’t very exciting but the brown is a nice shading colour.

      They are very shimmery which I couldn’t really catch on camera very well. It’s not glittery but the shimmer does catch the light during the day. The colours kind of blend into one brownish colour which was a little disappointing.

      The baked blush is the one product that did amaze me, this is a really nice blush, it’s not that pigmented but very buildable, you can use this for a simple look or you could build it up and go more bold. It’s quite shimmery as well but I liked that. The staying power isn’t amazing but not bad either.

      From left to right: blush – foundation – eyeshadow

      The lipgloss however is very pigmented for a gloss, it’s great to at a little extra to your lip colour (I was wearing Mehr by MAC). It’s not too sticky but of course it is a little as a gloss usually is. They call this a non-sticky gloss but I don’t think that’s actually possible. This has a very faint coffee aroma.

      I used all of the products in the kit for my makeup on this day and I didn’t have a good makeup day at all. My makeup was sitting on my skin quite heavily (it did stay put, and I was even trying on clothes!) and my eye look wasn’t very exciting at all. I did like the blush and powder because they looked very natural but you could definitely layer these on!

      The colour seems a little dark on me but my face has definitely been a different colour than my neck lately, maybe because I’m wearing scarfs all the time?

      As you can see the eyeshadow isn’t very pigmented on the lids. I used the shadows dry, they might be more pigmented when used wet but I usually don’t use my eyeshadows wet. 
      As you can see the spackle in combination with a BB cream and the foundation from the kit wasn’t very covering. It covered my redness and some of the hyperpigmentation but definitely not everything.
      I decided to show you these products on my face because that’s the best way to show you! Even though I’m still a little hesitant to show myself! Just a quick note that I will never ‘edit’ my face, I’ll always show the real me 😉 Would you like to see more products tested out on my face or any looks using specific products? 
      Thanks for reading!
      xoxo Christine

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