Hey babes! Another month, another Deauty box filled with goodies. I actually really liked these products, check out my first impressions below.

  • Dove – Dermaspa Summer Revival (200ml)

I had seen commercials for this new line of products and my flatmate also recommend it so I was super excited to see a Dermaspa product. This feels really nice and soft on the skin. It doesn’t really have an immediate effect, you’re supposed to use it continuously to see the effect. I haven’t noticed any stains at all. It sinks into the skin quite quickly but you do have to wait a little while to be sure it doesn’t stick to your clothing.

  • Hairways Professional – Repair Conditioner (50ml)
Apparently this line only makes travel sized products which is super unique. I quite liked this conditioner, my hair felt great and it smells amazing (mint). I’ll save this one for the gym because I won’t be going on any trips anytime soon. 

  • Nuxe – Micellar Water (100ml)

I actually really like this micellar water because it makes me feel super fresh and makes my skin very soft. I used to prefer Bioderma but I might just switch to this brand now. It didn’t break me out and it got all of my makeup off with just 2 cotton pads.

  • Lancôme – Advanced Génifique (7ml)

This serum feels very luxurious on the skin and my skin felt really soft and hydrated after using this. The price is a little steep (€58,90 for 30ml) and I’m not sure if this products is worth it, I’ve tried some very nice serums that were way less expensive. It didn’t make my skin too dry or too greasy which is great but I checked out the ingredients and it contains perfume, alcohol and silicones so I would much rather purchase a more natural serum because in the long run that will be better for my skin.

  • Jane Iredale – Just Kissed Lip & Cheek Stain 

This is a really fun lipstick (and cheek color) that changes on your lips or cheeks, it’s unique to every person. It feels kind of weird and fresh but moisturizing at the same time. It made my lips pretty red and it applied evenly like a lip balm which I love!

Thanks for reading! 
xoxo Christine 

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