Hello babes! Deauty’s August box had some amazing products! I got this box right before I left on holiday to the south of France, so the pretty wooden table sadly isn’t mine! Check out what I thought about the products! 
  • Merci Handy – Lollipop Hand Sanitizer 
I love love love Merci Handy, I have two of these now and they’re the only hand sanitizers I really enjoy using. This one in particular smells amazing!

  • UNANI – Facial Mist
I have been obsessed with this facial mist, it’s a perfect hydrating boost for your skin. I enjoy using it in the morning before I start my full moisturizing routine or if I’m just hanging out around the house. I also love to use it right after I take off my makeup. It’s acne-safe and very refreshing, I might order another one actually.

  • Jelly Pong Pong – Bare Necessities Highlighting Pencil 
This is a highlighter, eye shadow base, waterliner & concealer so it’s a very versatile product which I like but I don’t like the texture. I prefer liquid or cream products because pencils are quite harsh on my skin. The colour isn’t really for me either but it would suit a lot of people very well. 
I looked into the brand a little bit more and found out that this is paraben & phthalate free, non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic & safe for contact lenses so good job Jelly Pong Pong that’s impressive! 

  • T. LeClerc – Divine Chubby Lip Balm ‘Rose Voluptueux’ 
I’m not the biggest fan of this brand, it has disappointed me before but this lip balm isn’t too bad actually. You do have to scrub your lips because it clings to dry spots, which is kind of silly because you wear a product like this on a lazy day in my opinion. The colour doesn’t really suit me but it’s very pretty and pigmented. I wouldn’t buy this again because there are cheaper products out there that I prefer but it’s definitely not a bad product. 
Without exfoliating my lips.
After exfoliating my lips, a big difference in my opinion. 
The lip balm on the left & the highlight on the right.
  • Shiseido – Bio Performance Advanced Super Revitalizing Cream 
 I was kind of scared to use this product after looking up the price for a full size (50ml – €97), but after trying it I actually really like it. I would never spend this much money on a cream because I have cheaper ones that I enjoy and I feel like this would be great for more mature skin (and bank accounts). It’s a very light cream that doesn’t sit on the skin and it does moisturize very well. I don’t use this as a day cream because of its size but I like using it before makeup if I have any dry spots from my acne products. 

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine

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