Hey babes! Finally here with my fashion haul from Paris! If there are any items you’d like to see in a lookbook just leave a comment below! I bought a lot of basic items to mix and match this fall, check out what I got:
At New Look I picked up a large scarf, I’d been looking for the perfect one for ages and this one is just so soft and perfect! 
I also found this watch which is so cute! I  don’t usually wear watches but this one I’d definitely wear just to spice up a simple outfit.

Then I found these cropped halter tops and I bought 3 different colours. Usually this kind of top is way too short on me but these were the perfect length. 

Then I found this grey sweater with zippers and it also has these fine horizontal lines in the fabric. This’ll be great for lazy school days.

I also picked up some basic black leggings because I’ve ripped my other ones 🙁

And I was so excited when I tried on this skirt because I can wear it high waisted without my butt showing! #tallgirlproblems

This was the first time that I’ve bought anything at American Apparel because I used to be heavier and none of the clothes seemed to fit me or look good on me. But now that I’ve lost a lot of weight I decided to try on some clothes. I let the sales girl pick me out jeans and she immediately picked out some that fit me perfectly! These have a little stretch and are pretty high waisted. There was a 20% discount so the prices weren’t too bad. 

She also picked out this crop top which I had already seen as well and it was perfect together with these pants. It’s wine red and a really soft fabric. 

Then I saw this sweater which is one of my favorite colours, you can wear it backwards as well with a higher neckline because there’s no label in the neckline.

And lastly I picked up this baggy sweatshirt which is so comfy and soft. This can be dressed up for school or just for a lazy day. 

At Bershka I just bought a flowy cardigan because my other cardigan had ripped and a jumper with elbow patches which is super cute for fall. 

At H&M I only got some accessories, I got 2 iphone cases but as you can see on the picture, the colour had already faded after a few weeks which really disappointed me. 

I also got this super cute fluffy keychain, I might hang this on one of my handbags instead.

I got this pink makeup bag so I can use my old bag for face products and this new one for eyes for example so I don’t have to stuff everything in one tiny bag.

I also got these cute socks, even though I have way too many socks already.

And the last thing I got was this beautiful ring from a small store called Bazar de Filles

I have Essie’s Cozy In Cashmere and an OPI glitter as accent on my nails if you’re wondering!

What’s your favorite shopping city? Tell me in the comments! 

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine

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