Hey babes! Another Deauty review for you, this one wasn’t very exciting but the products weren’t bad! Check out what I think about each product: 

  • Hansaplast – Repairing Foot cream (Full size)

Even though foot cream isn’t a very exciting product, I love it. I always use it after baths or shower or pedicures because my feet are so dry all the time. This is a lovely product, it’s not too greasy but it’s very rich and nourishing. I use it before bed usually and in the morning there’s a noticeable difference. It doesn’t really have a special scent which is ok because who’s going to be smelling your feet anyway?

  • Caudalie – Divine Oil
I’ve been obsessed with oils lately because I definitely notice the positive effects on my skin and hair so I was excited to try this one. Caudalie is a brand I’ve been eyeing for a long time now and I bought some products in Paris this holiday. This oil smells amazing and it dries quickly so you’re not left with greasy hands. I really like it but you can find a lot of similar products for less. I’m not sure if it’s worth the extra money.
  • Bergasol – Suncream SPF 20
I love the size of this sample because it was perfect to pop in my handbag this summer. I didn’t get burned while using this sunscreen so I suppose it works just fine.

  • Eucerin – Even Brighter Day Cream 
This is a really nice and very moisturizing day cream. It might be a bit heavy for some greasy skin types but my skin has been a little dry lately so this has been perfect. It’s acne-proof, doesn’t have a perfume and is a perfect winter moisturizer if you get dry areas but don’t want greasy skin.

    • Phyto – Phytokératine Extreme Mask
    I don’t like Phyto products at all, I like the smell but that’s it really. They make my hair greasy, frizzy and it feels like the products don’t wash out properly. Maybe this would work better with thick hair but I’m not trying phyto again.

    • Arkopharma – Veinotonyl 

    I didn’t use this because I don’t need this product and to be honest I think it’s a weird product to put in a beauty box.. 

    • Klorane – Smoothing and relaxing patches
    If often get headaches and hot cheeks after long days and this was perfect to cool down and relax. The gel is very cooling and smells great. I don’t know if I would buy this again because I’m not sure it it’s worth the money. I usually just use an icepack or wet washcloth. It makes my skin a little softer but I don’t notice a huge difference.
    Do you use oils for your hair and skin? Which ones? 
    Thanks for reading!
    xoxo Christine 

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