Hello babes! Here’s another Deautybox review for you! I have some mixed feelings about this one, keep on reading to find out what I think about these products 😉 
  • MeMeMe – Coral Blossom lip & cheek stain (full size)

This is a lip and cheek stain but I would never use it on my lips because the color looks horrible on me and even though it’s buildable, it’s really difficult to achieve a nice, pigmented and clean look on the lips. I like it much better as a cheek stain but it’s still not that pigmented, this is great for daily use when you want to achieve a ‘makeup free‘ look because it’s very sheer and coral. It’s so natural and light that I couldn’t even get in on camera.

  • XL>S – Xanthigen (full size)

To be honest I was quite shocked to find a diet product like this in a beauty box?! I would never ever use diet pills like these, maybe I’d use supplements that promote fat burning but these actually say that you will burn a crazy amount of calories just by taking these. I think it’s very inappropriate to put this in a beauty box because I’m pretty sure a lot of clients don’t need products like these and even if they ‘do’ I don’t think this is the right way to lose weight. No offense to people who use this product but this is promoting an unhealthy lifestyle in my opinion…

  • Clarins – Créme Jeunesse des Mains/Hand Treatment (30 ml)
This is a lovely hand cream that I’ve been mostly using it before bed and I definitely recommend this for older people or if you have very dry hands but don’t like a greasy feeling. It’s also a decent size that has been lasting me a while now! It’s not very sticky or heavy but still nourishing enough. It does have a very strong scent which is almost perfume like, I prefer softer smells for hand creams.
  • Lashem – Eye & Brow Serum (1ml)
So apparently this stuff is REALLY expensive, I’ve been trying this out for a while now and to be honest I don’t notice a difference. Maybe it’s only noticeable if you use it every night for a really long time but I don’t plan on doing that.
I don’t think I would invest in this because my lashes are quite full and long enough in my opinion and I get my brows tinted and that makes them look fuller as well.

  • Lashem – 3 in 1 Eye Bright (5ml)
This product doesn’t sting my undereye area at all which is amazing because the skin around my eyes is very sensitive. It’s a gel and feels kind of cooling when you put it on which I like as well. When I use it at night and I wake up in the morning my under-eye area looks a little more refreshed than usual, I think? I don’t have puffiness but my discoloration was a little lighter, my fine lines were still there though which is what I want to get rid of most of all. I probably wouldn’t buy this again.. 

  • Eucerin – Lotion Micellaire 3 in 1 Dermatoclean (20ml)
At first I didn’t really have much to say about this product, it seemed like just another micellar lotion but now I’ve noticed it kind of foams sometimes? I don’t know if this is caused by a combination of products I use but I’ve never had anything like this happen so it’s very weird! I definitely prefer Clinique or Bioderma over this brand though. One thing I can say is that it’s definitely acne-proof, it didn’t cause any breakouts!

What is your opinion about diet products in a beauty box? Tell me in the comments!

Thanks for reading!
xox Christine

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