Hello babes! May’s birchbox was such a beautiful box but the products weren’t very exciting..
Read my reviews here: 

  • CHI- Argan Oil
I’ve already used argan oil before so I was familiar with it but this one is really good, it’s very nourishing, not too greasy or heavy in your hair and of course it smells amazing! 
  • Akana – Cleansing Makeup Remover Oil
I had never tried a makeup removing oil so I was excited to try it but I wasn’t very impressed. It’s great for mascara but too greasy for anything else. It’s not great for anything but mascara, makeup wipes or milk works way better for me. This particular oil smells really nice and it’s not harsh on the skin.

  • Oolution – Glow Up Day & Night Cream 
This is an okay moisturizer but it isn’t very exciting. It’s not very nourishing but it’s not too dry either, for some skin types it would be perfect. During the winter it would not be enough for me personally even though I have greasy skin, during the winter I get a lot of dry patches. It has a very strong smell that I don’t enjoy at all. It’s not a bad cream at all, but I wouldn’t repurchase personally.

  • Théophile Berthon – Face & Body soap 
I’ve said this a lot of times already, I don’t really like soap. It dries out my skin and I don’t enjoy using it. This one smells nice but I would not pay more for this brand than I would for a regular supermarket soap to be honest.

  • Lipsi Cosmetics – Aphrodite Powder
This is a nice powder but I usually don’t notice much of a difference between powders to be honest. This powder has a little bit of pigment so it’s not a transparent powder which I like. It feels nice and soft on the skin. But I’m quite happy with my Ben Nye powder for now so I wouldn’t buy the full size of this.

What’s your favorite way to remove makeup? Tell me in the comments! 

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine

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