Hello babes! June’s Birchbox was super cute, because it wasn’t a box, it was this cute little yellow pouch! I’ve actually been using this pouch to carry my brushes around if I need to bring them somewhere. Find out what I thought about the products below!

  • Natura Brasil – EKOS Hand Cream

This is a super nice and rich hand cream, I love using it! It also smells really good and I love the packaging because it looks so natural and healthy haha!

  • Thermaliv – Body Scrub 

I really enjoyed this scrub because the grains are very tiny and fine,  and it exfoliates very well. It smells nice but not very strong which is great for a scrub. I still have other scrubs to go through but I might buy this product next. It also makes you feel really fresh, so it’s a great product for summer.

  • Curly Hair Solutions – Curl Keeper Gel 

I haven’t tried out this product because I don’t really have curly hair. It’s kind of wavey and I have some stray curls that appear out of nowhere. I might try this sometime to see if it controls frizz for me but I haven’t really felt the need to grab this product yet..

  • Jelly Pong Pong Highlight

I’m not too excited about this product. It’s easy to apply and the highlight is quite pretty but not very strong. It doesn’t feel too sticky but I still prefer powder highlight or my liquid ELF highlight.

  • Polaar Refreshing Gel 
This is a nice and refreshing moisturizing gel, it’s great for summer or if you have skin issues where a cooling effect helps soothe. It definitely leaves my skin nice and hydrated!

Do you prefer liquid or powder highlight? Tell me in the comments!
Thanks for reading! 
xoxo Christine

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