Hello babes! It’s been a while since I’ve posted because school started but I’ve finally managed to make some time 😉
A while ago I ordered Gerard Cosmetics lipsticks with my friend Aïcha because they were doing an amazing deal online, I bought five and here are some swatches and my thoughts about them!

I already had one Gerard Cosmetics lipstick in the color Buttercup which I love so I decided to get a bunch more. They all have a different finish but the difference isn’t very noticeable, I like all of them.
I am so in love with the packaging of these lipsticks, I love looking at them and even the box is cute! These look amazing on your vanity if you have more of these.
Here are the colors I got from left to right: 
1995 – Berry Smoothie – Rodeo Drive – Kiss & Tell – French Toast
I was a little disappointed with the quality of the bullet itself, they aren’t perfect and have a lot of bubbles, scratches and they aren’t even that smooth. 

As you can see 1995 got squished, this happened because the bullet came loose and I had to push in back in, this is unacceptable to be honest, I would complain but I ordered these in a sale online from the American website and I had to pay extra tax/customs so it would probably be a huge hassle to ask for a replacement.

Here are the swatches! Same order from left to right:

1995 – Berry Smoothie – Rodeo Drive – Kiss & Tell – French Toast

I was really surprised by Kiss & Tell, I LOVE it! All of the colours are pretty but I prefer French Toast and Kiss & Tell because the other three are closer to my own lipcolor. These are all very wearable colours which I’ll probably wear to school a lot! 

In conclusion, these are nice lipsticks with beautiful packaging and amazing shades but I would not buy these full price because there are a lot of cheaper brands with the same or even better quality! Their pigmentation is great but their staying power isn’t as good as some other brands.

Thanks for reading
xoxo Christine

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