Another Deauty review! I’ll probably be posting 1 or 2 beauty boxes per week until school starts!
  • Kérastase Ciment Anti-Usure (antiwear conditioner) 
This a conditioner for frequent use but I think it’s weird that you need to apply to towel dry hair and then rinse it out thoroughly. Whenever I’m taking a shower before school or work, I usually don’t have the time to towel dry my hair, let a conditioner sit for a few minutes and then rinse it out to dry it again? It just seems odd to me. I tried it out and when my hair dried it was actually very very soft and it didn’t make my hair extra greasy. I’ll definitely use this conditioner more often.

  • Nuxe Nuxellence DETOX Night Cream 

I am IN LOVE with this product! It smells amazing, it’s super nourishing considering it’s not a creamy formula but more of a gel. This is perfect for moisturizing after I’ve applied my heavy acne cream, it lets my skin breathe, doesn’t affect my acne at all and I don’t have any dry spots on my face anymore. This is definitely a product I will repurchase some day, even though it costs 50EUR for 50ml, this might not be enough for my dry winter skin though, we’ll see.

  • Shiseido Laquer Rouge (Lipstick/gloss) 

This is a very pretty red colour but I don’t like the finish. It’s too pigmented to be a gloss but too liquid to be a good lipstick, it’s easy to apply with the lipgloss wand but you have to be  careful not to move your lips because it will smudge and create lines. I like the concept of a lacquer but I don’t think it’s the perfect product for me. You can see on the picture here, it’s quite sheer! So for the price of 26EUR, I would not repurchase.

  • Opticalmax Blue Eyedrops

To be honest I don’t feel the need to brighten my eyes? I think this is a bullshit product because when there is nothing medically wrong with your eyes or they don’t feel dry or irritated, why would you want to use eyedrops. I HATE eyedrops so for the sake of this review my roommate tried these out, she said they didn’t really hurt or burn, and her eyes did look very shiny and bright so it does work. If you need bright eyes because you’ll be on camera this product works, but I won’t be using it!

  • So Susan Wonderlight 
I was really excited to receive this product because I’ve never used anything like it before, it’s a luminizer and a brightening base. This is a very versatile product with good pigmentation. If you like products that are easy to use or great for travelling then I definitely recommend this one, also how cute is that packaging?! However I would have liked a lighter one, the concealer part is a great match but I can’t really use the bronze colour for any type of highlight because it is so dark, it’s a nice eyeshadow base, so I’ll still use this, but the lighter versions would be lovely for inner eye or brow bone highlight!

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine

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