Hey babes! School has started for most students all over the world now, I’ve started my third and last year of art college and … I went shopping! I didn’t need as many school supplies as I needed in high school because I still have so much stuff laying around and I don’t have many theoretical classes this year. But, I still wanted some new supplies to cheer up my desk and hopefully motivate myself to be an even better student this year.

I bought most of these things in the supermarket, on holiday or at HEMA. Here’s what I got and some tips on how I use everything, I hope you like this post, it’s kind of different!

I got these two notebooks at HEMA, they are SO cute! These will come in handy for the two theoretical classes I’ll have this year.

The next thing I got are these cute heart shaped post it notes and some labels. These labels are great when you’re reading a book and you want to remember certain chapters or passages. It’s especially great for self-help & practical books so you can grab the book and reread the parts you liked or found important.
This next item is kind of boring but so helpful for classes with a lot of notes or for organizing projects. You pop these in your ring binder to separate chapters and you can decorate them to make it more fun. These are lifesavers in highschool when you have a lot of classes every day! 
I stocked up on lined paper because I go through these very quickly. 
These are my favorite kind of binders, they are great for projects because they’re easy to pop in a laptop sleeve so you don’t have to bring an extra bag to school. You can open them quickly if you need to spread out the papers or maybe hand them out. 

I got some cute 3D stickers to decorate my notebooks and filofax organiser. These make organizing way more fun and I love cute stickers like these. I also got some washi tape to decorate as well.

I always have these two: white out and roller-glue are super easy to use and lifesavers in my opinion.

I found these neon sharpies and omg I am in love. They are SUPER neon and definitely stand out on the page, great for writing small notes because they have a sharp tip but also great for underlining and they aren’t bulky in your pen bag.

I stocked up on my favorite kind of pen, I have loads of these and would definitely recommend them to people that need to take a lot of notes.

My roommate bought a set of these highlighter pens but only needed one half so I got the other, I keep these on my desk when I take the sharpie highlighters to school. These are from HEMA.

These coloured pens are honestly amazing and I don’t even remember where I bought them, they are great for projects and brainstorming and they write very smoothly. I think colour coding is a great element to incorporate in your brainstorm sessions because colour can bring order to the chaos.

I bought a new cute pen bag even though I have millions laying around. Oops? 

A great and cheap tip for studying but also brainstorming is buying these blocks of non-stick notes. I use them as flashcards or for big brainstorm sessions where I want to shuffle ideas around on the table, it helps me visualize ideas and put things together.

I hope you liked seeing what I bought this school year, let me know if you want more non-beauty posts like these! And leave a comment telling me if you’re still at school and what you study!

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine

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  1. I use post-its for everything, I think the sticky line comes in handy when you're a person who easily throws away small pieces of paper. I just stick my notes to my wall. And I use 'bestekmapjes' for my notes during class. (because we had to buy a shitload of them when I was in middle school and I still have a bazillion of those filing binders left.)
    Oh and I study architecture (at Hogwarts)

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