What I love about Deauty is that it’s mostly skin and hair care products which I love! I have finally tested all of the October products and I’m ready to share my thoughts with your guys.

This was a great box, I have been using all of these products and I liked all of them, good job Deauty! Sorry for uploading this review so late but I really wanted to test them out properly.

Karin Herzog – Vitamin H – 50 ml 

At first I didn’t like this product because it’s quite thick and almost a little greasy and I absolutely HATE the smell. But once I started using it more often I got used to the smell and it’s great for my skin, I only use this at night because of the lingering smell and the thickness of the product but also because I feel like it leaves a yellow shine.

This is a very expensive brand and I think it’s great for older women but I feel like at my age I don’t need to be spending this much money on a moisturizer I don’t really like that much. I will finish this one but I won’t be repurchasing. I have tested this out in combination with my acne cream and the result is even better when I combine them, it leaves my skin very smooth. And after a while I’ve actually started to enjoy the smell.

L’Oréal Professionnel – Mythic Oil nurturing mask – 75 ml

I’m in love with everything in this line, the smell is amazing, it leaves your hair so soft and beautiful and it doesn’t cause as much greasiness as you’d expect. I use this mask when I take a bath and my hair feels amazing afterwards. I have used it as a conditioner but also as a mask without washing my hair first and then I rinse it out lightly and go to bed with a towel on my pillow and then the next morning I wash my hair. This product can be used in different ways which is a big plus.

A-derma – Sensifluid Micellar Milk – 75 ml

I had never used micellar milk before, I always used make-up wipes or fluid makeup removers but I actually really like this product. I use this when I travel because it’s a small package. I have now added Micellar Milk to my beauty routine but not this brand because I picked up another one on sale, I might consider this brand in the future though. It works very well and smells nice. 

Schwarzkopf – Essence ULTIME Shampoo – 50 ml

This product smells amazing and makes my hair feel really soft.  I don’t think it’s the best shampoo out there but I did purchase a color-safe conditioner from this line because I recently colored my hair and needed a color-safe one.

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine

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