November’s Deauty Box was a really big one! A lot of products and perfect for the winter weather. It’s summer now and I haven’t tested all of these products because I have so many opened body lotions and shampoos already! I was familiar with some of these brands already, here are my first impressions: 

Dermalex – Repairing Hand cream – Full size (25 ml) & Dermalex – Cold cream – 15ml
We have a lot of Dermalex products at home because my parents use them and I can say that they really do work very well for sensitive skin! I like having these mini sizes to pop in my gym bag or handbag! These are available at most pharmacies and I definitely recommend their body lotion when you have sensitive skin but don’t like the heavy feeling of most moisturizers. They have a lot of light weight, intense moisturizing products! 

Bodysol Repairing lipstick SOS – Full size  & Bodysol – Lipstick Orchid – Full size  

I have been loving these two lip products for months now, they were perfect during the winter and I like using them before I go to bed now that it’s summer! They really moisturize your lips and don’t feel greasy on the lips. I don’t recommend these before make up because they do tend to be a little thick on the lips and quite white, personally I don’t really mind this during the winter or at night. The Orchids one smells amazing! 
Arkocaps – Nail & Hair capsules (brewer’s yeast) – 45 caps

I love the brand Arkocaps because they offer a lot of natural products that actually work but I won’t be trying out this particular capsule because Brewer’s Yeast can cause yeast infections for a lot of females and I just don’t really feel like discovering if I’ll be one of those females… However if one of my friends wants them, I’ll give you an update! 

Phyto – Phytokératine Repairing Shampoo & Phyto Phytokératine Repairing Mask – 50ml

I haven’t tried these yet because I have so many open shampoos I need to finish first and because I have colored my hair recently and I am using a natural color safe shampoo. I might use these two when the new school year starts and I’ll post an update whether I like them or not! 

Weleda – Lavender Relaxing Bathsoak – 20 ml 

I love love love Weleda products! They always smell so nice and make my skin feel great, I’m actually saving this sample to take with me on holiday! Especially this lavender sent is a great one but they have a lot of other great smells in their product line. 
Neutrogena – Deep Moisture Bodylotion – 15ml

Neutrogena is a brand that I’ve been wanting to try for a really long time, but mostly their skin care. I haven’t used this body lotion yet.

Thanks for reading!
XOXO Christine

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