Hello babes, another Deauty Box review for you! Hope nobody is getting tired of these 😉

T. LeClerc – Eyeliner Pen
I actually never wear liquid eyeliner because I suck at applying it but I can tell this one isn’t one I’d love. This eyeliner is very watery and it has tiny pieces of glitter. It’s a grey colour and quite see-through. I expected more to be honest.

Eucerin – pH5 Soft Showergel – 50ml
This shower gel is really soft and fresh, I don’t usually like shower gels but I keep this one in my gym bag if I want to shower at the gym. I can’t say anything bad about it. I do still prefer shower creams or oils, especially during winter. It doesn’t have a strong scent in my opinion, which I like because I wear perfume almost every day.

Schwarzkopf – Essence Ultime Omega Repair BB Beauty Balm
This beauty balm makes my hair so soft and it smells amazing. All of the products in this line smell great and I love them. They do tend to make my hair a little bit more greasy but it’s a great product and I would recommend it to girls with thick, long or very dry hair.

Tahony – Temporary Jewels
I love love love temporary tattoos & these designs are so cute! They go on a little bit flakey but that might be on purpose, I think they look really nice and shiny. They seem a little bit stronger than the cheaper ones but I’ll probably keep buying cheap ones because I just use them for fun.

UPDATE: It stays on beautifully for more than a week which is amazing!

DKNY – Body Lotion MYNY – 50ml
I love DKNY scents but I don’t usually like scented body lotions. I use this one when I want a little perfume but don’t want to spray any. For a perfume body lotion it’s actually ok, it’s quite nourishing but again, I’m quite picky with my body lotions.

Thanks for reading!
XOXO Christine

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