For my birthday this year I got a year long subscription to birchbox! The first box I received was the February Valentine edition! When you go on the birchbox website you have to fill in a survey about your preferences and also your characteristics like hair colour, skin type, … This means your box is a little personalized which I think is a massive plus! 
I ordered mine from: if any of you are interested! 
The products in this months birchbox:
Absolution Mask: a face mask to remove makeup and cleanse, I haven’t tested this one out yet because I have a lot of opened face masks, it does smell amazing! This mask is supposed to hydrate, redensify and soothe so I suppose it’s more for mature skin but I’m sure my acne ridden skin will appreciate it as well. 
Beauty Protector: This is a protect and detangle spray for your hair and I’ve tested this out a few times now and IT’S AMAZING. It detangles very well, the smell is great and it has many many more great qualities. The only thing I can add is like many other hair care products it can make my hair go greasy a little quicker but nothing dramatic. This would be a great product for long hair that gets tangled easily and maybe not as amazing for people like me with short, thin hair that gets greasy very easily. 
Cynthia Rowley Beauty Silver Eyeliner: I don’t really feel like silver eyeliner is a thing I would wear but the quality of this eyeliner seems okay, I don’t think I’ll buy products from this line because I’m not that interested in eyeliners and when I do buy one I usually go for drugstore brands. However if I ever need a silver one, this is definitely a good one to use I think. Maybe for a fancy dress party, who knows? 
Modelco Lip Lacquer: I can see why they don’t call this a gloss because it isn’t really ‘glossy’, it does give a nice shine but it definitely has a color to it, a color I love! This goes perfectly with some of my nude or pinkish lipsticks and it gives it that nice, extra boost that you sometimes need. Also perfect to pop in your bag because of its size, great for touching up a matte lip that is looking a little sad. 
Ren Mask: I haven’t tested out this mask for the same reason as the other one, I should probably do one massive face mask review soon! The instructions say sensitive skin may react so I’m waiting with this one until my acne heals a little bit more. But I’m really excited to try it out because it does contain a lot of natural products and it’s supposed to illuminate which I love! 

This was my first birchbox impression, a lot more are on their way!
Hope you enjoyed!


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