Hello world!

I went on a mini shopping trip today and bought some really cute things that I wanted to show you!
I got a lot of rings at the I Am Store, these are all size S and suuuper cute. I’ve been looking for a new wallet that has more card slots, and found one! So glad I found a pink one too, I was getting bored of my old black one. My ear piercings have been acting up lately so I decided to buy some new silver plated earrings so they don’t get infected by some cheap ones, hopefully they’ll do the trick.

I went to Forever 21 & Kruidvat for some beauty supplies. I needed a new makeup bag because my other one – which is from Primark – is getting too small when I have to take my makeup to a friends house for example. I got a matching hair brush for 3 euros because everything needs to match obviously. 
Forever 21 has loads of amazing makeup bags in stock right now so I definitely recommend checking those out, you could find some awesome christmas presents there. 
I bought one top at Forever 21 because the line at the fitting room was way too long and the line at the tills was crazy as well. I’ll have to get some high waisted jeans to wear with this top but it fits perfectly! 

The last thing I got were these two bras. Super pretty and comfortable and about 25 euros each which is pretty cheap as well. – These are from Hunkemöller – I had to try at least 8 bras but these ones were absolutely perfect. I think everyone should fit every single bra they buy because the different models can fit differently. Even the shop assistent recommended I try every single one. 
They have a really nice Hunkemöller discount card by the way, with online discounts as well. I got my card today and already received loads of promotions. 
I should really cut back on the shopping but I really can’t resist all those holiday sales everywhere! 
Talk to you later guys!

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